Office Christmas Gifts

Sometimes you run out of ideas for your co-workers for office Christmas gifts. I hate to leave anyone out for Christmas so making the gifts can really cut the cost.

An interesting idea is to buy cookie cutters and fill them with candy or nuts. To hold the candy in, cut out a card board in the shape of the cookie cutter. Then attach it to the bottom with scotch tape. Fill the cookie cutter with any kind of small candy or nuts. Buy clear plastic party bags at the party store and tie them with a pretty ribbon. This idea can go a long way. This is not a guy gift of course, but I have a few of them as well.

cookie cutter gifts

One good gift for the office guys is to buy tins or glass jars with lids. You can buy these at the dollar store really cheap. If you know the person well enough, you will probably know their favorite candy or type of candy. Fill the jar or tin with M&M's or Hershey kisses, or any Christmas candy. Guys love to keep this stuff on their desk for a snack.

Buy Christmas tins or small holiday bags. Make home made cookies for everyone. It's always nice to make an assortment of cookies and put a ribbon on top. These are very appreciated office Christmas gifts.

Make home made filled candy. This really comes out nice. Most candy supply stores have all the things you need. Put them in nice boxes and wrap each candy or use confection candy holders. This is very easy to do and you can probably make it all in one night depending on the number of office Christmas gifts you have to make.

If you buy some netting and eyelet or silk like material, you can make some potpourri sachets. Try a Christmas scent for the holidays and tie each sachet with a silky ribbon. To make it even nicer, glue ribbon roses in front of the ribbon you used to tie it.

Make a set of Christmas Magnets. You can easily do this by using old Christmas cards. Cut out themed Christmas card items, like snowmen or angels. Place each cutout on a magnet sheet and trace. Cut out the traced magnet. Use decoupage glue and glue them to the magnet piece. Let dry.

Christmas party gifts

Hand made Christmas ornaments can be an easy but unique gift for co-workers. If you're not able to make them, you can also buy small ornaments and personalizing them with your co-workers names .You could paint their names on or use permanent marker in Christmas colors. These types of gifts always make wonderful office Christmas gifts.