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Simple Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Simple Homemade Christmas Ornaments

The Xmas season is a time that family and friends usually get together and show their affection and love by handing presents that sincerely came from the heart. A lot of things can actually be done to ensure that this time becomes truly special for everyone. You will find here one example of a decoration that you can be easily make by yourself from the large variety of simple homemade Christmas ornaments ideas available.

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Simple Homemade Christmas Ornaments – What are They?

Simple homemade Christmas ornaments, as the name suggests, are made home individually and signifies a person's enthusiasm and delight for the holiday spirit. These decorations should be carefully created and have elaborated patterns and designs put together in them. A lot of simple homemade Christmas ornaments include ribbons, fabrics, and other materials to form an extraordinary work of art that anyone can be proud of to hang on their trees, and such unique and easy to do decorations normally have glitters or sequins on them, making them twinkle beneath the sparkling Xmas lights all over the home.

Simple homemade Christmas ornaments have plenty of various designs that you can choose from, and the best thing about them is that they can be customized in order to suit a particular event or be particular to somebody you want to give the decoration to, thus providing you with endless choices when it comes to the type of decorations you wish to have inside your home. In addition, these one-of-a-kind and handcrafted trimmings can be given as gifts to families and friends. Simple homemade Christmas ornaments are things that have sentimental value - and the people you intend to give them to as presents will surely cherish them.

Simple Homemade Christmas Ornaments – The Advantages

There are many reasons why simple homemade Christmas ornaments are preferred by a lot of people over the traditional decorations. First, these simple homemade Christmas ornaments are uncommon, distinctive, and interesting in a lot of ways you can imagine. Even if you make use of a certain material or pattern that you have copied for a number of times, your decorations will still be unique compared to the ones typically found in department stores. And because you made them yourself, they will surely have their own distinction, setting them apart from the rest.

Second, simple homemade Christmas ornaments are easy to do that even your kids can help you with it. Wouldn't it be fun to gather around and create these simple homemade Christmas ornaments together filled with laughter and excitement? Making simple homemade Christmas ornaments can also be the perfect time to bond with your children and spouse.

Lastly simple homemade Christmas ornaments won't cost you hundreds of dollars. Visit a few craft stores in your area and get a few blanks or a kit or project sheet to get you started. More often than not, craft stores have great suggestions on what you can do with these materials not only to entice you to make a purchase, but also to inspire you. You'll be surprised that you can do a lot of decorations for less than a hundred dollars.

Simple Homemade Christmas Ornaments – Step-by-Step Instructions

Even if it is your first time to make decorations and have absolutely no idea where or how to start, you do not have to worry at all since it is enough to let your creative part within you speak and there will be plenty of ideas that will start pop out - with your only job as sorting them out and choose the best of them. It may seem complicated at first, but once you've taken the time and has given freedom to your imagination - things will be sorted out nicely, and you'll be able to figure out how to start and what to choose.

If you've never done this before, then start with one easy-to-make decoration and practice until you get used to it. Once you've mastered it - try to create more complicated ones. It may take a while before you will be able to produce a handmade Xmas decor that looks like it's been made by a professional, but your patience and hard work will be worth it in the long run and you will enjoy far more the simple homemade Christmas ornaments - crafted by yourself.

Furthermore, you can also find kits at craft stores that include a step-by-step instruction, so there is really no excuse for you to get discouraged and eventually decide not to do this task anymore. Another way is to ask someone who knows how to make simple homemade Christmas ornaments. You probably know somebody who has experience in creating such trimmings, and he/she can certainly help you with it and even share with you some ideas you never came across to on the Internet.

Here's an example of a Xmas decoration that you can do. It can be a beautiful centerpiece and a perfect gift as well!

Fresh Scented Pine Cone - you will need: a basket; pine; ribbon; pinecones; large berries and small berries; paint brush or cotton swabs; clear drying white glue; finely crushed cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg.


  1. Scent the pine cones using a paint brush or cotton swabs. Apply glue on the cones' inside edges. Sprinkle cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon over the glue before it becomes dry and than let it dry completely.
  2. Use artificial or fresh pine (preferable). You can take a few little sprigs from the Xmas tree. Put pine cones at the bottom of your basket. Cover it with something else in case your pine cones are not enough.
  3. Half of your basket should be filled with pine cones. Put in tiny branches of pine throughout the exterior edge then put the pine cones in the basket until it becomes full. Add little pine sprigs around the pine cones to fill any visible holes.
  4. For additional highlight, randomly add large and small sprigs of berry where there's pine. Knot a bow all over the basket's handles. If there's no handle, you can wire it on all sides. You can also adorn the pine cones with a ribbon for your tree or arrange them on a tray full of candles.

Handcrafted decorations impart a fantastic character to your tree and a wonderful discussion piece when families and friends come for a short visit.

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