In a small area, everything counts. Small areas can feel confining cramped and uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are clever tricks that can make your small room look bigger. These tricks can fool the eye and make the space seem much bigger and more spacious than they really are. Here are a few tips you can easily follow.


Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

This basically means getting rid of the clutter. You must keep the room tidy and well-organized. In addition, you can also consider removing unnecessary furniture to free some space in the room. Remember that nothing makes a small space more confining that having too much stuff.

By properly organizing your things and furniture, the space will look orderly and more open. As a tip, avoid covering your walls with pictures, paintings, and accessories. Instead, you can place a large painting or picture that ties all the elements in the room. Lastly, you must avoid adding a lot of accessories into the  space and keep things off the floor to create an illusion of having more space.

Create A Focal Point

When designing the interior of a small room, you must create a focal point. This means that your room must have one area or feature that will draw attention. For instance, in the bedroom, the focal point will most likely be the bed. Make that area the star of the room by arranging other furniture and fixtures so that the attention will be drawn to that part of the space.

Choose The Right Paint Color

Another important tip to fool the eye is to use the right paint colors. You have to understand that paint colors can either make a room look smaller or bigger. For instance, rich colors such as indigo and burgundy can make the room look smaller than it really is. With that said, if you have smaller spaces, you need to use lighter colors and shades. You can use light shades of grey, blue, and other pastel colors.

White is the best color for small rooms, but if you want to add a splash of color, you can paint at least one of the walls in the room in any other light shade. As an added tip, you must only use one color on the walls. Avoid combining various shades since this will make the space feel cramped and crowded.

Proper Lighting

Lighting also plays a huge role in interior design. You have to know that the more light you have in a room, the better. With that said, if you have a small room, you need to open up the curtains and pull up the blinds to allow natural light inside. By allowing natural light into the space, it will open up the interior, making it appear bigger than it really is. If you do not have enough natural light, you can use creative lighting effects instead.

These are just a few tips to make a small area look bigger. These interior design tricks will help you create a more spacious room to suit your needs.