Making Life Easy with Life Hacks

Ever do something and wonder if there’s a faster way to go about it? Allow me to introduce to you the life hack. A life hack refers to any trick or skill that increases productivity, efficiency or solve everyday problems. Life hacks require a bit of ingenuity and thinking out of the box to make life easier.

Without further ado, here are 25 life hacks to simplify your life:

  1. Use a finger or a pen as a pointer for your eyes to follow along as you read. Without a pointer, your eyes will wander around the page more, taking longer to read the words.
  2. Save the plastic bags you use to put in fruits and vegetables at the supermarket, then use it as a compost bag later.
  3. When travelling, fold your shirt or pants in half and roll it up. This saves a lot more space than folding clothes into squares.
  4. If you’re conversing with someone and want to look friendly while listening, smile with your eyes a little squinted to make yourself look warmer and more genuine.
  5. When posing for a picture, tilt your head ever so slightly to the side to make your face look thinner. The same goes for your body.
  6. Have you ever wanted to eat a banana, but couldn’t because your bananas are still green and you like them ripe? No problem. Simply place a banana (or however many bananas you wish to eat) in a paper bag and close the bag up. Check back in an hour or so. The bananas should be ripe in about a couple hours.
  7. If you run an office in which you require keys to use the washroom and clients often ask for the keys, attach the key to a keychain and a paint stick. The large paint stick will help prevent people from accidentally putting the key back in their pockets or purse.
  8. Don’t you hate when you’re almost done a jar of jam and can’t get the rest out? No one likes waste. Pour around a quarter of hot water into the jar, close the lid and shake vigorously. Pour the water and jam mix into a glass, add ice cubes and water. Enjoy.
  9. When you are sharing your drink with someone else and have two identical straws, save a portion of the straw wrapper and tie it around a straw to differentiate the straws.
  10. To check whether someone has entered your room in a discrete manner, cut off a small piece of hair and lick your finger before placing the hair on the ledge of the door and closing it, trapping the hair in between the door and the door frame. When you return, check if the hair is still in the same place. If someone has entered your room, the hair will have fallen down to the floor.
  11. When travelling, bring a plastic bag to put in your dirty laundry. You be able to tell which clothes are clean and can easily take out the dirty laundry at the end of the trip.
  12. Put one leg in front of yourself when getting a full picture of yourself taken. You will look thinner and more refined.
  13. Put a business card on top of your eye behind your eyelashes as you apply mascara to keep mascara from getting on your skin.
  14. To help remove a ring off your finger, raise your hand up as you try to remove the ring. This will encourage the blood flow to move downwards, out of your fingers.
  15. To hygienically seal your envelope, instead of licking the envelope, dip your finger in a small pool of residue water in a sink and apply against the envelope glue.
  16. If there’s something that you suddenly remembered you have to do the next day right before you head off to bed, write it on a piece of paper and put the paper on your bed stand. You will sleep much more comfortably having “unloaded” the reminder from your head onto the paper.
  17. If you are on a no-carb diet but want to eat a hamburger, place the meat and condiments in between two lettuce leaves.
  18. Stuck on the phone with someone who refuses to hang up and you’re too polite to slam down the phone? Make a crinkling noise near the speaker, say “Hello?” a few times and then hang up. You can crinkle a candy wrapper or rub a piece of paper with your fingers near the speaker. If you don’t have anything with you, rub your thumb and fingers vigorously near the speaker. Works like a charm.
  19. It can be tricky to find a single-serve container to hold your salad dressing. Get an sampler size bottle of alcohol, finish it, and save it for salad dressing in the future.
  20. Tie a large ribbon around the handle of your luggage so that you can recognize your luggage at the pick up area right away at the airport.
  21. When your shampoo, conditioner or body wash is near its end and at the bottom of the container, open the container and fill partially with water. Close container and shake vigorously. Use.
  22. Store your grocery list in a notepad app on your phone. That way, you’ll just have to bring your phone. Also, you won’t have to re-write the same items down every week since the list is already stored on your phone.
  23. To get more out of your microwave popcorn, microwave according to directions and enjoy your popcorn. Place the unpopped kernels back in the bag, fold up the top of the bag and microwave to pop the rest of the kernels.
  24. Deseeding a pomegranate, made easy. Cut the pomegranate along the ridge in the middle, then twist to open. Hold up one half and using a spatula, whack the back of the pomegranate so that the seeds fly out onto the bowl in front.
  25. To make a heart-shaped crepe, pour crepe mix into a squeeze bottle with a thin nose and squeeze into a heart shape on a heated pan.