Link Building is a de facto element if you really want to get your website in top rankings in search engines. Google just love the backlinks and it will favor your website if you can build quality links.

Let’s discuss some important aspects of link building and methods to build quality links to your website.

1.  Before planning a link building campaign make sure you have a content rich website which can make others happy to link you back.

2. Participating in blogs dialogue and forums will greatly helps you to publicize your website as well as you will get backlinks. Make sure you have a relevant dialogue with the fellow blogger and forum users.

3. Submitting your articles with relevant anchor text in article directories will certainly boost your rankings but only to a certain level because submitting same article in different directories will cause duplicate content which is a problem in eyes of Google. So to eradicate this problem just submit different articles in different directories.

4. Participating in social media websites is a good way to divert quality traffic into your website and in the same time you will get a backlink from them. Sites like reddit,digg, delicious can get you the good traffic. You should always look on your title part when submitting to these social media websites because a good title will automatically draw people’s attention to your website.

5.  You can also provide your content to other blogs by writing guest posts for them. This way you not only make yourself popular on other blogs but also get a relevant backlink to your website.


Using Link Wheel to Get Quality and Relevant Links to Your Website

Link wheel is name given to the strategy of link building where we use the power of web 2.0 websites to build the targeted backlinks to our websites. You have heard and even visited the web 2.0 websites like hubpages, squidoo, wordpress, blogger which lets you to publish your own content with a link back to your website. Now we use these websites to build backlinks for our own website and this is where the concept of Link Wheel emerges.

Following Link Wheel Diagram will help you understand the concept behind Link Wheel.


link wheel

In this diagram every web 2.0 website is linked to your main website as well as all these web 2.0 websites are linked to each other as well forming a closed loop. Now you can understand how this scenario can pass link juice to your website and how it can help you to attain good rankings in Google.

Before tying this method make sure you write unique content for each of the web 2.0 website mentioned. In this way you will not only get the backlinks but also the indirect traffic if your content ranked well in search engines.