Simple living is prioritizing. Those of us that focus on the simple things in life realize that money is not the end all (it can help us) but the real goals in life have nothing to do with the amount of money we have. It’s accepting that the culture that currently insists that we buy, buy, buy is not for us. Simple living has its challenges. Here are some simple living tips that can make it a bit easier.

Efficiency doesn't mean it's simple.

Simplicity is not efficiency. It’s easy to get caught up thinking, this is a waste of my time, I’d rather focus on the really important thing. While it can help with the big commitments in life, it can also cause boredom and stunt growth. If you want to do something bad enough then you should probably do it, even if it isn’t the most, “intelligent” thing to do. If you want to go skydiving. It may be a waste of money. It may be risking your life. It may also change your life. It could just be really fun. You can’t predict where any path in life can take you so sometimes it’s alright to do something a little off of what’s expected. You might just be pleasantly surprised.

Don't Judge

Simple living doesn’t need preachers. Just because living simple works for you, it doesn’t mean it would work for everyone. Everyone has their unique quirks that make them do what they do, just like you have the unique quirk that lets you live simple. Just because someone is doing the opposite of what you believe, you don’t have to prove it to them. People learn life in their own way. All preaching does is make enemies for those of us you live simple for the right reasons. We also don’t need judges of simple living. If someone is talking about simple living and you don’t agree that it’s simple then it doesn’t matter. Simple living includes in conversation and judging is just a form of insecurity.

Don't Miss the Point

I’ve heard a couple people talk about being bored while living simply. I can confidently say that if you are bored with simple living then you’re doing it completely wrong. Simple living is about prioritizing what you enjoy doing. If you are doing what you enjoyed before but are now bored doing then you need to change. You need to find something that gets you excited. You will be wrong in life. Everyone is but you can’t settle for less than what makes you the best that you can be.


Enjoy these simple living tips. Take what you can and do what you like. To live simply you can’t worry about every little thing in life. You also have to not put yourself on a pedestal. You also shouldn’t be settling in. What is really important to someone is exciting. If it’s not exciting then it’s not what you should focus on. What do you do to help you live simple? Do you have any personal simple living tips?