Making Money With Simple Jobs

Looking for easy money making jobs?  There are many simple money making jobs you can do that don’t require a bunch of degrees or experience and anyone can do this type of work. Here are some examples of simple jobs you can do to make money right now.

Odd Jobs

Most people don’t think of odd jobs as something that can do to make money. Almost everyone has some type of specialized skill they can put to good sue. This skill can make you money if you take on the right jobs. Maybe you’re good with mechanical devices or computers. You could hire out your services for those that need simple computer repairs or help fix their vehicle. If you have a truck you could start a yard haul service to remove wastes. You’re only limited to your imagination as to the types of odd jobs you can do for people to make some money.


If you go online there are such as Fiverr, where you can do odd jobs. These jobs can be anything from writing an article to getting someone more Twitter followers. Whatever simple task you can think of that doesn’t take you much time can help you earn some income. These jobs only pay you a small amount but if you can do plenty of them you’ll have enough to pay your bills. These small jobs are in high demand because people simply don’t have the time to do them on their own. Make use of these opportunities and cash in.



Do you like to blog? This is a very simple money making job. It does take some time to make money with blogs but if already dot his then you can turn your love of blogging into some real income. With blogging you can also sell advertising space on your blog or use affiliates to make some additional revenues for your blog. Over time your blog can become a considerable source of revenue for you.

Sell Junk

Another easy way to make money is to sell junk. Take the things in your home that you don't want and place them on eBay. While those items mean nothing to you they can be real treasure to someone else and you might get a good amount of money for them. Don't expect to make retail price on this but you can get a good amount of cash back for your stuff. Selling on eBay can even become a career or you could learn how to become a picker and specialize in older items of value.


Surveys for DummiesCredit: Amazon

Many companies will pay you for your opinions online. These companies will send you surveys where you answer a series of questions. You’ll make small amount of cash but this can add up over time. You can also get rewards or other compensation. If you do enough surveys in one day you might make a decent income from taking them.


Another way to make money is to take the idea of a micro-job but get paid more for it with freelancing.  If you have skills a freelancer can make a significant amount of money selling their skills for other people. These are short-term jobs for the most part but they can pay well and if you get a good client they may hire again and again if they like your work. Freelancing sites online let you take tests where you can show an employer that you do indeed have skills in that area.

Plenty of Jobs Out There

These are some of the simple jobs you can do if you go out and look for them. Just because you aren't making money now or don't have a typical "job" doesn't mean you can't turn your skills inta real income. Simple money making jobs are out there so go and make some cash.