Since April Fool’s Day is not an official holiday, most everyone has to work which means there will be lots of office pranks going on. Laughter in the office is always a good thing and April Fool’s Day provides an excuse for fun shenanigans to occur.  You don’t necessarily need to wait for April Fool’s Day, but usually coworkers are more forgiving on this day than any other. If you’re looking to pull some office pranks, be sure to keep things simple as this is the best technique to not give yourself away. Enjoy your April Fool’s Day with these simple office pranks anyone can pull off.

Office PranksCredit: Patrick Hajzler

Mouse-ing Around. This office prank is easy if you can get your coworker to leave his or her desk for a few minutes. Once your coworker is away from the desk, place a piece of scotch tape over the optical lens of the mouse. This office prank can either stop the mouse from scrolling completely, or make it so slow that your coworker may become frustrated and inpatient.

If your company hasn’t joined the 21st century yet, you and your coworkers might be navigating with older mouses (mice) that still have those trackballs inside. If this is the case, just open the little casing and remove the ball. Then sit back and watch your coworker while stifling your laughter.

Tip: Computers must be unlocked for most of these office pranks!

Dead Keyboard. With this office prank, your coworker will need to step away from the desk again so that you have some time to unplug the computer keyboard. Be sure to keep the plug away from sight if you can so that it takes your coworker a few minutes to wonder why the keyboard isn’t functioning properly. Just be sure you let your coworker in on the fun if he or she begins to pound on the keys or throwing it around. This office prank isn’t worth the trouble of having to pay for a new keyboard out of your pocket if it breaks.

Office Pranks(44923)Credit: Jakub Krechowicz

Letter Switch. You will need a little more time with this office prank than the other two because you will be removing keys from the keyboard and mixing them around to confuse your coworker. Your coworker will not understand why one key is typing a different letter than what is on the actual key. Now this office prank only works if your coworker needs to look at the keyboard to type. If your coworker is a typing genius and doesn’t need to look at the keyboard, then switching up the letters will have no effect on typing.


Office PrankCredit: Richard Lee

Turn Things Upside Down. This is probably the best office prank as only a few know how to fix this problem when it happens to them. Using the following keys, Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Key, you can change the screen direction on the computer monitor. You can flip the screen upside down by using the down key or have the screen face left or right using the proper keys. Your coworker will flip out with the flipped screen. Most likely you will need to go in and fix it if you can find a break between your laughter. You can go one step more and pull up a crazy or funny image and flip it. That image will appear on the screen for some time until your coworker can get it off.

Enjoy your day at work with some simple office pranks that will make your April Fool’s Day a day of fun, laughter and memories. Just watch out for next year though, your coworkers might start plotting against you and have some office pranks in store for you!