It's your friend's birthday, and you forgot to buy a present! Lots of people need last minute gift ideas.  Luckily with a few clicks of the mouse you can get yourself out of a bind and quickly find your friend or loved one a satisfying gift, with no trouble at all.

Gift Cards

Available from nearly every store, gift cards are the obvious choice for shoppers pressed for both time and original ideas. They can be bought from nearly every online retailer, and some include email delivery as an option for immediate delivery.  It's useful to buy one from mega sites that offer products to fit every taste, such as books, music, and electronics. Your recipient can choose what they want on their own time and terms.  Cost: From $10 


When was the last time you sent flowers to anyone? In our digital age, it can mean that much more care and attention to have a bouquet of real flowers sent to the door of your friend's house.  And they'll be super surprised, every time!  

Yes, flowers are perishable, but sometimes the best things in life are around for only a moment in time.  Don't forget to stop and smell the roses.

There are lots of online flower services, and they'll offer a range of other products to send out with them like chocolates.  Cost: From $40 


For the budget option-  and one that can be extremely humorous- send your friend an e-card online.  It's the most convenient and quickest way to send greetings for any special occasion, and now offers  a huge range of multimedia options.  Hallmark offers a service, as do other online E-card sites.  Some do charge a fee. Cost: From $0 and up


Now, with Kindle and iPad readers in everyone's hands, you can instantly gift an e-book to your friend.  No need to wait for shipping! In fact, you can send anyone with an email address an e-book as a gift, no hardware required. They can simply use free e-book readers available to download online.  Cost: From $9

Unique Handmade Crafts

For a personalized gift, consider the handmade gift option. There are more and more options online for purchasing individual handmade gifts.  Try out Etsy for a wide range of handmade crafts and gifts.  Their inventory is always changing since it comes from a huge network of independent craftsmen.  Cost: From $15


Nowadays we stay home too much, watching TV and movies from the comfort of our own living rooms.  For a great gift idea that you can arrange online, buy some tickets to an upcoming show or screening, and treat your recipient to a wonderful night out on the town.  Tickets to sports games are another great way to break the routine, and a way to mix with other local fans.  Cost: From $50

The Internet has changed how we do business.  With these starter ideas you won't have any problem coming up with a great gift idea- and fast!