Create an organized bathroom for sharing



I am sure you have heard the phrase, “The more the merrier”. Does this phrase also apply to sharing bathrooms? I don’t think so. This is where organizing ideas for a shared bathroom comes in. If you are among those who use shared bathroom, I believe one of the things that annoy most is when you go into the bathroom and find stuff scattered everywhere. Whether the water closet you are sharing is with your roommates at college or with your family members at home, you would rather prefer it if everyone has his or her toiletries kept separately. This is where the problem starts; everybody wants their toiletries in the bathroom even when there is minimal space.

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If these stuffs boil down to a few things, it would not be so bothersome but when it covers personal items like hair brushes, perfumes, facial cleansers, soap, toilet paper and lots more, there becomes a need for organizing ideas for a shared bathroom to avoid conflicts. After all, everybody, including you would always want their items where they can see them and use them when they want to, including toiletries. You don’t need to fight over this or always have items tumbling out of the beneath-the-sink cabinet each time you open the door to get something. Listed below are some tips that will help you to properly control your bathroom and put things at the right places. They are:

  • De-clutter the bathroom by ridding the shelves and drawers of those items or products that are no longer needed. If it has been there for over six months without being used, then it is not needed.
  • Transfer the medicines to the kitchen since research has shown that steam and heat from the bathroom can ruin your medicines.
  • Every user of the bathroom should have an assigned marked or different colored basket to put his or her toiletries in. Since it is not advisable to share things like eye drops, grooming supplies and other toiletries, this step is necessary.
  • Create places for the towels, extra toilet paper and soap. Every other thing has to go to the storage or elsewhere.
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  • Where space is very limited, hooks work better for hanging towels than racks since more towels can be contained in a row, especially when there are lots of people sharing the small bathroom. There should be enough hooks to serve each user of the bathroom.
  • You can also get space-saving towel racks that are easily clipped at the back of your door.
  • The use of organizational cosmetic containers is also known to work wonders when it comes to creating more space and organizing your shared bathroom. Each user has his or her cosmetics strictly kept in these containers.

In all, when it comes to organizing ideas for a shared bathroom, there are lots of ideas out there for you.