Mr Shy

When I was a little kid, I was really shy. I had social anxiety. I wasn’t able to talk to girls in high school. I was sick of being that way. I wanted to change. I didn’t know where to start, until I stumbled upon Simple Pickup videos. 

It all started with a Simple Pickup Video

I remembered the first video I watched. It was “Starcraft Geeks Pickup Girls”. I was absolutely floored by their laid-back way of speaking to these girls. What was so interesting about the video was that they were using Starcraft 1 lingo. For people that do not play video games, Starcraft 1 is a very popular strategy game that is still played by plenty of people today.

Some of the phrases that they used while talking to women were “Zerg Rush”, “Did somebody called for an exterminator?” and “You got a two-rack build going on there”. Not only were they funny, it also showed me that approaching random girls and starting a conversation was not hard at all. It could be done easily, as long as you had the courage to do it.

Jason, Kong and Jesse


So who are these Simple Pickup Guys?

Meet Jesse, Jason and Kong. They are the guys from Simple Pickup. They are self-made Casanovas that changed their lives and also inspired other guys to do the same.



Jesse grew up introverted and was also an avid video game player. He spent much of his time eating junk food and playing World of Warcraft. Coupled with his social anxiety, he was unable to hold a conversation with a girl - Until he decided to change.

Jason(Statue of Liberty)

Jason grew up with a condition called epilepsy, which causes seizure at random times. He was called “seizure boy” by his school mates. Hence, making friends was hard for him. That also translated to his interaction with girls – Until he decided to change.

Kong(Tooth Fairy)

Kong grew up in a traditional Asian family. Talking back to Elders and being loud was considered rude. That transferred to Kong’s social life. He was introverted and passive, which were unattractive traits to women. He had a girlfriend prior to pick up. After she broke up with him, she asked Kong why it took him four months to reach up her shirt. He felt like a total chump after that. It is time for change…

Fast Foward to Now

These guys are extremely bold and smooth with women. They are the perfect examples for regular guys. Their lives can change if they put in the effort as well. They definitely changed my live. I can now approach any women and strike up a conversation in malls, schools and other public places. I will be documenting my journey as well.