Nothing makes gardening and being outdoors more enjoyable than a sturdy and handsome potting bench - but did you know you can get do-it-yourself potting bench plans and save on your total costs? This article gives you the best potting bench plans for wooden and outdoor benches that will help you organize your tools, materials, seedlings and pots. 

Getting Potting Bench Plans from Wood Workers Workshop

One great place to find free and paid-for potting bench plans is, a hobby and crafting site that specializes in wooden creations. Their collection of wood potting bench schematics is impressive and you can find instructions for everything from home garden centers to traditional potting benches that will help you to comfortably manage your garden. This site features potting bench designs that are both simple and elegant. You can choose sturdy potting center schemes for quick and functional jobs, or more beautiful creations that will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden. 

Getting PDF Potting Bench Plans from Blue Grass Gardens

Another great gardening and home-based hobby site that offers plans for building your own benches is They feature many different styles of potting benches that you can download in PDF format for easy reading and building at home. 

They feature some of their own original designs for outdoor wooden benches as well as some popular schematics from major distributors like Lowe's. You can also browse their collection to find great plans for building your own metal potting benches at home, if you're looking for the added durability of a heavy duty metal garden center. 

Visit Free DIY Plans for a Wide Variety of Outdoor Garden Center Plans

Another great source of many different kinds of free bench plans is The nice thing about using their site to find easy-to-build plans for your own home garden center is that they include pictures of each category of bench so you can see the general archetype before you download your potting bench blueprints. You can use their handy catalog to quickly find the kind of outdoor garden center or potting benches that would best suit your particular space and garden style. 

They even offer unique and hard to find plans such as blueprints for garden benches that are over 5' long for larger operations and potting projects. They're definitely a great source for these designs when you're looking for something simple and do-able from home yet still pretty enough to compliment your plants and flowers.