If you want to create a scrapbook to chronicle your family's memories from childhood, holidays, vacations or everyday adventures, use quick-and-easy scrapbook page designs to reduce the time and money you'll need to devote to the project. Stick to basic lines, use time-saving embellishments and photo-heavy designs to ensure the images will be the focal point of the scrapbook page. Consider these simple scrapbook layout ideas to create attention-grabbing pages.

Photo Collage

Use simple scrapbook layout ideas that don't rely on a host of embellishments to catch the "reader's" eye. If you're using a 12-by-12-inch background page, for example, arrange and trim nine photos so they'll form an 11-by-11-inch collage with no space between the pictures. Affix the photo block in the center of the page and use a pen or 1/2-inch-tall alphabet rubber stamps to add text around the border of the page to describe the people, places or events depicted in the photos.

All Text

If you've got a story that you'd like to include in your scrapbook, but don't have any photos of the moment, create a decorative, all-text scrapbook page to record the memory for posterity. Simply print or write the anecdote on a piece of card stock or patterned paper that coordinates with your background page. You can also save time with the simple scrapbook layout idea by writing directly on the background page with an archivally-safe marker or gel pen, if desired. Embellish the layout by using markers, colored pencils or craft chalk to add a title across the top of the page and draw flourishes, themed shapes or doodles in the remaining space.

Basic Lines

Create an attention-grabbing simple scrapbook layout in a pinch by arranging photos, text and embellishments in straight lines. If you're designing an 8.5-by-11-inch scrapbook page, for instance, stack and overlap three 4-by-6-inch photos down the left side of the card stock. Use the remaining space down the right side of the page to add a column of text to provide additional information about the events shown in the pictures or use the spot to add a column of craft supplies such as themed die cuts, paper flowers, foam shapes or rubber-stamped images.

You can also line photos end to end along the bottom or center of the layout, place title lettering across the top and a block of journaling below the images. Add embellishments, such as a cluster of stickers on the bottom-right corner of the photo strip.

Easy Accents

Reduce the time it takes to use simple scrapbook layout ideas by using hassle-free accents to embellish the page. Take the minimalist approach by decorating a layout with one large accent, such as a card stock die cut that complements the theme of the layout or one cluster of smaller accents, such as a grouping of paper flowers or self-adhesive foam shapes. Instead of tracing and cutting the title lettering for the page, use sticker letters or alphabet rubber stamps to save time.

You can also turn memorabilia into quick-and-easy page accents. If you're designing a scrapbook layout about a high school prom, for example, use the ticket stubs, an event program, flower petals from the corsage or a business card from the dance's location to decorate and add meaning to the page.