Tips on How to Have the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

How to Plan for the Unexpected and Have a Wonderful Time

Having an outdoor wedding can be a wonderful way to save money, enjoy the luxurious beauty of the scenery and create memories that will last a lifetime. However, planning for an outdoor wedding can be a nightmare and you don't want a lack of timing or planning to mar the occasion for the couple or the guests. Luckily, with the help of this guide you will have a much easier time planning ahead for the unexpected, and find ways to cut down on costs, so that not only will the bride and groom have a wonderful time, but so will all of the attendees.

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* The first priority for having your outdoor wedding is deciding on activities that all of the guests will enjoy. Scout out a location that can offer plenty of activities.  Take some time to research activities for a variety of age groups. If there will be kids at the wedding, having a bouncy house at the event is a wonderful way to keep them occupied. Outdoor weddings are also a great place to have games such as horseshoes. This will keep the guests entertained and is appealing to people of all ages. You will also want to consider what type of music you will play. You may wish to hire a band, however, having an iPod with a playlist is a wonderful alternative. 

* While you are planning your outdoor wedding, be sure to expect the unexpected. If you plan for theBeautiful BrideCredit: worst you will have less of a surprise should anything go wrong. Research last minute options thoroughly so that if the unexpected happens, all it takes to resolve a potential crisis is a phone call to a company or to the person you put in charge of taking care of it.  For example, perhaps the weather was supposed to be sunny and a sudden rainstorm comes. Call the company who can put up a tent for you in a flash and have someone pick up some umbrellas for guests arriving in the rain. This phase of the planning is crucial for providing you with insight into what to expect.

* By knowing what to expect with the weather, you will have a better idea of where to have your outdoor wedding. While it may be more appealing to have it in an outdoor field, having tents or cabins available will ensure that you can still proceed with your wedding if a storm arrives.

* Acoustics are a very important factor to consider when planning the ceremony and seating arrangements. Choose a location so that everyone can hear and arrange the sound system so that everyone can hear the music as well as the wedding vows and/or reception speeches. Sound accompanies every special moment of a wedding so keep that in mind. You may wish to include a microphone with your sound system so that regardless of location, everyone will have ample volume.

* Wind is another factor to keep in mind for your outdoor wedding. A strong gust of wind can have horrible effects on a canopy or tents, so plan ahead in case it gets windy.

* Familiarize yourself with the locale of your outdoor wedding spot.  Make sure you know where the hospital is in case of emergency, where the nearest drugstore is in case anyone needs any last minute supplies, etc.

* Before the wedding, be sure that you take a few days to rid the area of insects. You can use a variety of products to keep the bugs out such as citronella candles, mosquito repellant, or use electronic devices. An outdoor fire pit can work very well to keep the bugs away and provide a romantic setting.

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* If you are having your outdoor wedding in the spring or in autumn keep in mind the temperature and inclement weather that can accompany any season. You might have to use misters in the summer to make sure the heat doesn't affect your guests or portable heaters during the fall so that no one gets cold. You can save a lot of time by informing everyone attending to bring a jacket or coat just in case. Because the weather is so unpredictable, this is by far one of the most important factors when choosing your outdoor wedding. Sometimes even during summer it can become unusually cold, depending on the location you choose.

Having an outdoor wedding can be a fantastic experience that is rewarding for everyone. As long as you prepare for unexpected events and do some troubleshooting as necessary, you will be able to spend more time having fun and less time worrying. Simply design a plan for your outdoor wedding incorporating these ideas and you will have a much smoother experience.

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