If you talk to any adult who is not in a healthy relationship, finding that other person who connects with them is one of the most important moments in their lives. Then there are the people who are in a relationship that used to be great but now the person seems to be on a mission to change them or systematically drive them crazy.

People are pretty easy to understand when you get right down to it and that is because we all want the same thing in the end, to be loved and accepted for who we are and valued for what we bring to the world. This article hopes to provide you with some of the simple secrets that make this type of relationship possible for everyone.

When it comes to love one of the most important feelings we can have for our partners is empathy. At the beginning of any relationship, empathy is easy to muster, as we look for ways to make our significant others happy. We do things without being asked because we know that they enjoy it and it fulfills them.

Over time it takes work to maintain this empathy. When you let the concern move toward what makes you happy then you are in trouble. That is when you start to fear that your needs won’t be met and that leads to jealousy, anger and an unhealthy, unhappy relationship. The simple secret is to keep the empathy alive. It takes a bit of communication and effort but when you are continually making the needs and desires of your love before your own then there is a long term happy relationship there for you.

Accept your partner for who they are and love them anyway. Too many people look at someone and think it is their job to change them. Even if they need to change, those changes need to be self driven and not instituted by someone else.  When a constant pressure to be different is placed on someone they can’t help but feel bad about who they are.

They will be wondering why they just can’t be loved for who they are instead of who someone else wants to change them into?  It is simple to find someone that you enjoy spending time with as they are and work on improvements in your relationship together and stop worrying about how you can change them. Eventually all people who aren’t accepted as they are, will seek acceptance somewhere else.