Always be prepared with gifts on hand by following this simple idea.

Have you found yourself all ready to head out to a shower only to realize that you forgot to get a gift? Now you have to come up with not only a gift but some sort of wrapping and card. There is an easy and very inexpensive way to be ready with a gift for any baby shower. The key is to always have the gifts at your house. 

The last thing any one needs is to have one more line on that to-do list: “Buy shower gift”. What if you could just go to your pantry of office and grab a darling outfit, wrap it in a piece of tissue and stick it in a cute bag. Now all you need is a card. 

Let’s begin with putting together a card. You don’t have to give a greeting card with your gift. You can simply write a nice message on a little note card. Here’s what to do: Purchase a stack of unlined index cards, about a dollar a stack. Cut them into quarters, punch a hole in the corner of each one and put them in a baggie. Whenever you need a gift tag take one out and write on it with a colored pen. And tie it onto the handle of the gift bag. 

Now let’s create that stash of baby gifts. You will have to work on formulating a new habit but, it is not a difficult one and once you learn to shop for gifts all year long you will see that it makes gift-giving much less stressful because you will never be pressured to find something quickly. Often when gift shopping is put off until the last minute people end up settling for a lame gift or they spend too much because they run out of time. 

Here you go: whenever you find yourself at any store that sells baby items make sure to walk down that aisle looking for sales tags. Hold out for 50% off. You will sometimes be able to find 75% off especially following any holiday. If you visit the baby section regularly throughout the year you will be sure to hit all the sales and can easily build up an adorable little stash. 

If you can’t stand the idea of always being on the lookout for deals, here are the best times to shop:

After Easter pick up dressy outfits and fancy little shoes and tights inexpensively. These outfits might even be used for a christening or baptism.

After July 4th red, white and blue onesies, shorts, sweet sundresses and sandals will be left over for the taking: Baby’s First Independence day!

End of summer sales are particularly good times to stock up because the items are light and simple and therefore can be bought for only a few dollars each. 

If you are there at any regular time of the year it is still worth perusing the baby aisle for bottles, pacifiers and toys that periodically on sale. 

Of course if you are willing to brave the after Christmas sales you can fill your cart with all sorts of Christmas things. Baby’s First Christmas ornaments and frames are wonderful gifts for babies who are due in the coming year. Make sure to watch out for items containing last years date. You don’t want to give a mother-to-be a gift that says Baby’s First Christmas 2011…if it will be 2012.