This article provides information on simple steps to look 20 years younger, and even look more beautiful.

It is easy to look up to 20 years younger and more beautiful in six months and friends are sure to sit up and take note, if you take conscious effort and follow the outlined guide below. The following simple steps to look 20 years younger, would aid you achieve this goal.

  1. Boost your Energy

You energy level may be low, and this makes it impossible to face simple daily challenges that may confront you. When your energy level is low, your energy drops. In order to boost your energy level, you have to ensure that you do everything possible to keep afloat.

  1. Daily Observe Natural Deep Breathing and Breath properly Daily

Make sure that you take adequate amounts of fresh air daily and perform natural deep breathing exercise. Natural deep breathing exercise can be done by breathing from your lower abdomen, inhaling slowly until your lungs are fully expanded, and then exhaling slowly after the count of ten, with your mouth open. This will enable you to take in enough of fresh air, which is in turn supplied to all your body cells to help you look 20 years younger.

  1. Have Siesta and Catnaps for Five Minutes Daily

You must have a daily siesta of about one hour, to enable you refresh your brain and energy. In addition to a one hour daily siesta, add a five minutes catnap, to enable you get refreshed at all times.

  1. Shed Excess weight

Over-weight is the cause of many health problems; therefore make sure that you cut down your weight if you have excess weight or if you are obese. Obesity can cause you diabetes and other problems.

  1. Restore muscle Tone Through Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is very important. So, you must engage in daily and regular exercise. You can exercise for 30 o 60 minutes daily, indoors and outdoors. You can do walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, bicycle riding, stretching of your body, facial exercise, etc. daily. This will tone your muscles help you look 20 years younger.

6. Eat Balanced Diets

Eating balanced diets on a daily basis would ensure that you have a complete supply of all nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Make sure you get adequate vitamins and minerals by eating whole grains, fish instead of meat, peanut, almonds, cashew nuts, fruits and vegetables, daily.

Do not skip breakfast, because breakfast would help boost your energy from start, by providing all the strength and power to carry you through the day. Avoid white sugar, but go for honey.

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