Simple steps to lower the condition called high cholesterol is possible. When bad cholesterol occur in a body, it becomes necessary to lower the choleterol level. High cholesterol is bad for your health.

Good cholesterol enables the building of essential hormones and healthy cells. Clogging of fats takes place in your body in the presence of high cholesterol in your blood system.

This causes blockage of your arteries, making it hard for your heart to receive oxygenated blood, which you need for your normal body function. You may have heart attack as a result of this problem. Many people suffer stroke as a result of this problem too.

Simple steps to lower high cholesterol include:

1. Understand factors that Causes High Cholesterol

Risk factors are associated with this problem. There are two types of risk factors. These are uncontrollable and controllable risk factors.

A. Controllable factors include:

i. Consumption of saturated fats and cholesterol foods.

This raises the total cholesterol level.

ii. Becoming or Being Overweight

B. Uncontrollable factors include:

i. Age.

Men who are 45 years or above, and women who are 35 years and above, have increased risk of high cholesterol levels, than younger individuals, with youthful vigor and vitality.

ii. Gender

This applies to women only. This occurs after menopause.

iii. Your family History

If mother, father, sister, and brother, have had cases of heart attack at certain ages, it becomes possible that it runs in the blood line.

2. Undergo a Test

Your blood can be diagnosed in the medical laboratory, to determine whether you have high cholesterol.

3. Lower and Treat your High Cholesterol

It is possible to lower and treat high cholesterol. We have two ways of lowering high cholesterol.

i. Change or Modify Your Diet

Eat balanced diets to be able to lower your high cholesterol. The diets are called medical nutrition therapy. Consult a doctor for this special diet. The diet includes advice on the total fat and saturated fat to eat daily.

ii. Avoid or Quit Smoking

Smoking causes bad cholesterol to form in your arteries. Smoking also increases the risk of heart disease.

iii. You must lose weight

Being overweight is a risk factor. Losing weight can help to lower your high cholesterol.

iv. Engage in Regular Exercise

It is recommended that you exercise for a minimum of 30 - 45 minutes, for about five to six days in a week.

It is important that you exercise and lose weight, because these would increase your good cholesterol and lower you bad cholesterol.

v. Medication

If you can not lower your high cholesterol to acceptable or desirable levels through change of life style, your doctor may prescribe medication, to go hand in hand with your new diet and exercise program.

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