If you are surrounded by clutter then this article is for you. Clutter can rob you of not only your time but energy, space, and money. Don't worry, there are steps you can start today to help streamline your daily routine and eventually turn your life into one that you never thought was possible.  Believe me, the payoff of at the end will be worth it.  The end process is liberating and freeing. Getting rid of the clutter will make room in your life for better things and experiences. 

  1. Start small! Looking at the big picture can be daunting.  Trying to tackle your whole house in one day? Probably not gonna happen. Your best bet is to choose a room and then if you need to go even smaller, an area of the room you want to organize first. If you choose your bedroom, depending on how cluttered it is, you may choose to start with your closet and work your way out to the rest of the room.
  2. The easiest way to start is by setting reasonable goals. Your goals could be setup daily, weekly or monthly. For example, one goal could be to have your kitchen organized in one month. Then you would break it down to reasonable tasks like each day you will organize one drawer or cabinet. 
  3. Have boxes or bags ready for the stuff you want to get rid of. You should have three bags. One for items you want to toss (throw in the trash), one for items you want to give to charity, and one for items you want to keep.  Or make a fourth bag for items you want to sale. You can sale your extra items in a yard sale, consignment shop, Craigslist or Ebay.  Nothing like a few extra dollars!
  4. Enlist the help of your family members.  Turn it into a family event! If you have children that are old enough to help get your house in order, turn it into a challenge with rewards. Afterwards, I highly recommend setting up a chore chart, heck not only for the kids but even the adults!
  5. What can you do now to help control the clutter and get organized? Start putting things back where they belong. Everything should have a designated spot in your house. If it doesn't, make space. Make sure that everyone in your house knows where things should go. This is where a label maker and clear storage bins come in handy! Or get creative, what can you find in your house to repurpose? At one time I collected baskets. I love wicker baskets but they were serving no purpose and were taking up space. I now use them to store hand towels and soaps in my bathrooms.


  • If your clutter is too much for you to handle, I'm thinking of the tv show Hoarders here, you may want to consider hiring a professional organizer.  Another show that popped into my head is Clean House. Same concept as Hoarders just more on the cluttered side rather than cluttered and unsanitary.  Search Google for professional organziers in your area.
  • There are multiple on-line websites and books available on the topic of organization.  One professional organizer and clutter expert you may be familiar with is Peter Walsh. He was a regular on Oprah and has a whole host of products at OfficeMax. 
  • Search online for checklists to help you organize each room in your house or create your own. I love checklists and step by step checklists are extremely helpful for me and could be for you too.