When gas prices hit the roof last summer I decided to go out and buy a motorcycle. I was shocked at the motorcycle insurance rates I was being quoted. Now, I've been driving for many years without any accidents and just a couple of parking tickets so I really didn't expect my motorcycle insurance rates to be so high. I did some research and got those motorcycle insurance rates way down. Here are some strategies to use to get your motorcycle insurance rates down too.

Things You Will Need

- Internet access to get quotes for motorcycle insurance rates
- Possibly a motorcycle safety course

Step 1

Shop around for the lowest motorcycle insurance rates

I know everyone says this, but how many of us actually shop around past the 'big 3' for the lowest motorcycle insurance rates? Do yourself a favor and don't automatically assume the largest, most well known companies will have the best rates. For me, the best motorcycle insurance rates came from a small, local provider. Visit sites for lesser known companies and get quotes, I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Step 2

Save money on your motorcycle insurance rates by taking the MSF rider course

If there's a motorcycle safety school near you by all means take the motorcycle safety course. Not only is it a great class, but you'll get a 10% discount on your motorcycle insurance rates too. This discount also applies to your auto insurance!

Step 3

Buy a safer bike

Make sure you buy a safe bike, especially if you're a new rider. There are some types of bikes that will always get the highest motorcycle insurance rates. Do some research on this and save some more on your motorcycle insurance rates.

So there you have it. Make sure you shop around, take the motorcycle safety course and choose a bike that gets lower rates. Do all of this and you will save lots of money on your motorcycle insurance rates.

If you're a new rider I highly recommend reading Proficient Motorcycling, it can save your life!

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