One of the most common New Year's resolution is to loss weight. Unfortunately within a few month or even less, most people who want to carry out this task will fail. With the right mind-set and simple changes anyone can conquer this resolution and be healthier in 2015.

Think First

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Changing the way you think about dropping the pounds can help you succeed. If you are a first timer or someone who constantly fails, it is important to realize that significant weight loss will not happen right away. Therefore you should not get discouraged and give up if results are not coming fast enough. Your weight gain did not occur over night so do not expect to get thin in a flash. Realize that every little bit of work and proper choices will benefit you. Killing yourself in the gym or starving yourself in the beginning stages will only lead to your failure. 

One thing that should be eliminated from your thinking process is the word diet. Diets will rarely have you eating and when you can eat, you are forced to consume foods with little or no taste. This type of restriction and torture causes a lot of people to ditch their diets. For 2015 instead of going on a diet go on a life style change, it will allow you to enjoy the foods you love and lose weight. 

Performing simple exercises and moderating how often you indulge on your favorite fast foods will help you on your life style change. If you jog thirty minutes four days a week and eat healthy for twenty-eight days of the month, naturally you will lose weight. Exercises and eating plans will be discussed in more detail later in the article.

 Getting Set

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Now that you have the proper mind lets prepare even more. Before doing any jumping jacks or steaming any veggies, grab your scale and weigh yourself. Instead of being depressed about the numbers displayed on your scale, use it as motivation to see lower digits the next time you step on it. In a further step, strip down to your birthday suit and stand in front of a mirror, face your body face to face and aim to better it. 

The kitchen is the next thing that should be prepared. If they are items such as: cookies, ice cream, left overs from the night before, or any other fatty foods, get rid of them. In your life style changes these items will be replaced with sensible choices. 

 Love Brown

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For your life style change majority of the time you will eat things that are brown. Items like whole wheat bread, wheat pasta, wheat flour, brown sugar, and brown rice will become your best friends. These options will have you feeling full longer without sacrificing taste. Brown products are great substitutes that will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods. For example if you love spaghetti and meatballs, switching out the white spaghetti for brown will save you a ton of calories.

Watch The Liquids

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A healthy meal can turn into a calorie nightmare with what your choice of beverage. A twenty ounce bottle of soda has 250 calories, you can find the same amount of calories in a hearty peanut butter and Jelly sandwich on wheat bread. Removing soda from your everyday life will slim your waist, clear your skin, and cut your chances of suffering from diabetes. To wash down a healthy meal choose the following: low-fat milks, water with lemon, homemade kool-aids, and iced teas, all home-made juices should be sweetened with brown sugar. For alcohol lovers, switching to lower calorie brands will be beneficial. Although these brands are less in calories, having several beers in one sitting constantly will delay your progress to a sexier you.

Right Not Less

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For your life style change as long as you eat right, you will never feel hungry. If you have a tendency of skipping breakfast, this is something that needs to change for 2015. Those that usually skip this meal will find themselves over eating at lunch or dinner. A healthy breakfast can be scrambled eggs, a banana, a piece of wheat toast, and a cup of tea. After enjoying breakfast by lunch time you will not feel like you are starving and will eat less without even realizing it. 

Removing the skin from chicken breast and grilling or broiling it instead of frying will save you a ton of calories. Other meats such as beef should also be grilled or broiled, however if you insist on frying your meats be sure to use olive oil. An example of a tasty healthy dinner would be grilled chicken breast, a side of veggies, and a glass of home-made iced tea. Be sure to have a serving of fruit or veggies with every meal, they are nutritious for our bodies and will help you feel full.

Surviving The Day

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Most people gain weight solely from snacking throughout the day. Snacking is not the problem, the issue is the kind of things they decide to snack on. When ever you are feeling hungry between meals grab a small bag of baked chips or apple slices. Some other options for healthy snacking are: roasted nuts, turkey jerky, light pop corn, baby carrots with humus, and Greek yogurt. Having three meals and two snack at different points throughout the day is the way your life style change should go.

Get Up And Go

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Thirty minutes of physical activity four times a week is all you need to drop those unwanted pounds. Jogging is a great way to get the heart pumping but everyone is not a fan of this activity. If you would rather swim, dance or use an exercise machine go ahead and do it, all that matters is finding something you are comfortable with. Performing an activity you love will urge you to stick to your plan. Two days of the week you will lift weights, building muscle mass will also help you burn fat. There is no need to bench press two hundred pounds or strain yourself to get the benefits. Lifting moderate weights with two to three reps of ten will work just as fine. 

Stay In Check

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Weighing yourself and measuring your waistline once a week will keep you motivated. Marking your numbers on a calendar that's in view everyday will keep you on track, looking back at previous weeks and realizing how much weight you have lost will boost your confidence. Remember treating yourself to your favorite dish once a month is encouraged, after being good you deserve a reward.