Why can't I lose weight?

Losing weight comes down to the amount of calories you consume during any day. The main reason people can’t lose weight is because they consume too many “empty calories.” You end up feeling full and satisfied but these calories are deficient of adequate nutrients to fuel the body properly. Most diets diet and especially the Western diet are based upon for the most part a lifestyle of foods that have far too many empty calories and not enough adequate nutrition.  Some foods may even have nutrition but the calorie count is too high so the individual consuming these foods gains weight. Our culture promotes the unhealthy foods far more than the nutritious ones so people end up eating more unhealthy food than nutritious ones. You can begin to shed weight by changing your lifestyle and going towards a more balanced approach for easy weight loss.

Easy Weight Loss - Whole Foods

The easiest way to lose weight is to adopt a whole foods diet. This means that most of the food you consume needs to be as close to nature as possible.  Packaged food has added salt, sugar, additives, and is far too high in calories. A “diet” food is still a packaged food and for the most part these packaged goods need to be avoided. Your diet should consist of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and other whole foods. During the day you should consume mostly plant-based food and if you eat meat smaller portions of meat. You should cook your own food and use only fresh ingredients such as herbs and spices. Make your own sauces so you can control what goes into them.  While it’s probably impossible to eliminate every packaged food you should cut down on the amount you consume. You can still enjoy the odd cookie, just bake your own.  If you eat a diet based around whole foods your body will get the nutrition it needs and slowly over time you will lose weight. Losing weight comes naturally when you eat whole foods full of nutrition.

Shed Weight with Water

Perhaps the single biggest contributor to our weight gain isn’t food but what we drink. Our beverage choices include sodas, juices, coffee, alcohol, energy drinks and other beverages that are exploding with high levels of sugar and calories that bring you absolutely no nutrition. By replacing these drinks with plain water you’ll hydrate your body and consume no calories at all. Keep drinking water throughout the day. When you drink enough water you reduce your hunger too so you’ll end up eating less food and those cravings will diminish. Water is a powerful weight reduction tool and we simply don’t drink enough plain water, it’s masked behind sugar.

Exercise to Lose Weight

To lose weight you’ll need to start moving to burn extra calories. This doesn’t mean you need to run twenty miles or lift weights like a maniac just get moving with something as simple as a 20 minute walk a few times per week. Exercise will help you to burn calories and over time you’ll shed extra pounds. As you get healthier you can add more complex routines to your exercise program. Join a gym or workout with others for motivation and to bring some fun to it. People too often expect instant results but it doesn’t work that way. You need to stat slow and build yourself up. If you have been inactive for some time expect a few weeks of stiffness and a few aches but as you exercise more these will go away and you’ll start to feel better.

You Can Have Easy Weight Loss

To lose weight simple adopt a natural foods diet, drink plenty of water and go out and get some exercise. All the pills, exercise gurus, and people selling the next quick fix are no excuse for some common sense approaches.  Eat well, exercise, drink water, and you’ll see the results you have dreamed about.