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Generally, you can put on weight by increasing your body mass, which can be in the form of building muscles or deposits of fatty tissues. If you are underweight you can easily find it out by calculating your BMI. If it is less than 18.5 then you are under weight. BMI is your body mass index, which can be(in kilograms) calculated by dividing your height  (in meters). Nowadays, there are numerous products available to put on weight. But you don’t really have to use them. What you really need is to increase your calorie intake.

Increase Calorie Intake

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You can easily put on weight by following easy tips. First of all, you should increase your calorie intake. This needs some calculation. An average male, who perform light activities, requires an intake of approximately 2200 calories and for female, it is 1900 calories. You need to increase your intake by 1000 calories, to gain less than half kilo in a week time. You should eat larger proportion and take your meal at least five times. You need to make sagacious choices, when selecting items for your meal.

Eat more carbohydrates

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Furthermore, if you want to put on weight, you need to choose eggs over vegetables and red meat over flour bread. Eat food with high carbohydrate and protein contents like dairy products. It is important to note that proteins are essential component of a well balance diet and are very necessary for building muscles. You have to consume a lot of snacks but not the junk food; instead you can choose muffins, doughnuts and cheese stakes. Increase the intake of fluid substances like milkshakes, fresh fruit juices and energy drinks.

Sweet ways to put on weight

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Research shows that dates and honey can help you to put on weight. All you need to do is soak one kilogram of dates into honey for about four days. Then consume 4 dates during morning and also at night, for about 2 months. Also use peanut butter in measured quantities.  You should also consider soaking one teaspoon of assafoetida in one and a half glass of water and keep it overnight. You can drink this concoction to enhance your strength. To increase the assimilation of nutrients, grapes are the most over whelming choice as they greatly help to purify blood. To put on weight, include bananas in your diet and avoid eating larger quantities of apples. Eating raisins after every four days can help you to gain weight.

Research also shows that when we are over anxious and nervous for a long time, then we tend to lose weight by calorie burning and exhaustion. So you need to calm down and relax.


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Overall, this is just a brief guide which provides you with some easy tips to put on weight. Remember, being thin is good but sometimes this can badly affect your personality and you can find yourself in the midst of sarcasm. To put on weight, you need to adopt some of the easy tips mentioned above. If you remain consistent, then surely you can gain weight within two to three months.