Losing weight can seem like a “Mission Impossible” task to people who are overweight and out of shape. Here are some tips on how to lose weight.

Eat Healthy

If you are exercising regularly but still eat a diet chocked full of junk food like Coca Cola, Doritos, and sugary doughnuts then you will not lose weight. If you workout and burn a thousand calories and then go and drink 5 sugary soda pops each day then you will  continue to gain weight, even though you exercising regularly.

You need to eat healthy. This does not mean you starve yourself or mess up your body’s’ metabolism by using some dumb diet such as the cabbage soup diet. You need to eat multiple health meals each day and leave the junk food at the grocery store.

You do not necessarily have to eat a low calorie diet, but you do need to eat healthy. Healthy does not mean that you need to eat food that has crappy taste. One of the best things you can do is to get recipes off of Pinterest and other websites that ate healthy and taste great. If you make food that is nourishing, healthy, and tastes great then you and your entire family will happily eat it. It is much easier to lose weight when you can eat enough to get full and enjoy what you are eating.

Gym Membership


You do not have to have a gym membership to work out and get healthy but it can help drastically. Many overweight people often think of the gym as a place where healthy and fit people go but overweight people such as yourself also go to the gym. Overweight people may feel shy initially about going to the gym and working out. It can be very hard to be the single fat person in a room full of physically fit people.

If you find a work-out partner who is in similar condition as you then it can drastically help booth of you to achieve your fitness goals. By having a workout partner you are apt to go the gym on a regular basis, you are more likely to meet your goals, you will have much more self-confidence when you are at the gym, and a training partner is great because you can help motivate each others to bust out of any training plateaus you have hit.

Protein Shakes

Many people who begin working out will head down to the GNC at their local mall and buy some protein powder to use as a bodybuilding supplement. Each person has different needs so you need to ensure that you are getting the proper Whey protein supplement. Some people want to use protein powder as a meal replacement shake, others will need whey protein to help repair their muscles and to encourage faster muscle growth through bodybuilding. No bodybuilding supplement is a shortcut to get fit; however proper bodybuilding supplements definitely have their place among your diet but only if you have chosen the right supplements. You do not need to use bulk powders to “bulk up” when you are 280 pounds and obese. On the other hand if you are lean and mean and looking to bulk up then you not want to use a simple protein shake as a meal replacement. Each person has different needs sp you need to ensure that you are using the correct supplements.


There are many websites you can use now days to help track your fitness activity and all of your workouts. One of the more popular websites is Fitocracy. Fitocracy helps get people off the couch playing video games into the real world doing physical activity. You can sign-up for free with Fitocracy and then every time you do a workout you can enter it into your profile. Fitocracy will then award you points for the workout. The more intensity then the more points you get. It is like playing a video game where you are constantly trying to get more points and increase your level except that this is real-life instead of a video game.

Fitocracy provides the motivation many people need to get into a habit of losing weight. Fitocracy is free but they do have a premium option available. Check out Fitocracy and sign up for free to see if it helps motivate you to lose weight and get in shape.