It is not strange for people who live in apartments to see one cockroach skittering across the floor or wall of their apartment unit. For this reason, apartment renters are always on the lookout for roaches. As the old saying goes: for every single roach you find, there are dozens more hiding in certain corners of your apartment.

What's disconcerting about this problem is that, even if you try to eliminate your existing roach infestation, there must be dozens of these bugs living in nearby apartments. With that said, you will benefit more by roach-proofing your apartment. You have to deter roaches and make it impossible for them to live and survive in your place.

Roach Identification Tips

This detection tips will provide you with necessary information on what these annoying critters look like. There are different species of cockroaches, but their most common appearance are the following:

  • They have a coloring of brown, beige, or red
  • They are between 1 and 1.5 inches long
  • They have two thin antennae on their head
  • They have six legs
  • They can fly, or crawl on your floor or wall

If you spot even a single bug, you have to assume that you have a roach problem. If so, immediately take action before the infestation gets out of hand.

Why Is Roach Infestation In Apartments More Problematic?

Cockroaches will infest a home or an apartment unit as long as they can find moisture and food. For this reason, these bugs are often found in the kitchen and bathroom areas. They are also attracted to easily accessible sources of food, such as dirty dishes and food crumbs.

Although apartment living is more advantageous for some people, roach control is more problematic. Renters face more challenges than homeowners since they cannot control how other apartment dwellers live. Even if you try to clean your unit every day, you might still find a roach or two due to the messy apartment unit next door.

How To Roach-Proof Your Apartment

Take out your garbage: It is not enough to put your leftovers in the garbage since it will only encourage roaches and other bugs to gather in one place. For this reason, you need to take out your garbage every night.

Vacuum any food particles and wipe out any spilled liquids: Whether you eat at your dinner table or in the living room, you must make sure to vacuum the area and sweep up. These bugs will find any available food sources, especially crumbs of food. If you spill any liquids, especially sugary drinks, you must immediately clean it up to avoid attracting cockroaches and other bugs.

Seal any holes and cracks in your apartment: To prevent these bugs from entering your unit, you must not give them any easy access. You must check every nook and cranny in your apartment and caulk them up. You must also seal any holes and cracks found in your apartment unit. Make it hard for roaches to set foot in your place.