restaurant story

I started playing Restaurant Story when I borrowed my fiancée’s iPod Touch. At first,I thought it was just another boring game but little by little I found myself addicted to it. If you have not played the game, Restaurant Story is just like Farm Town or Farmville in Facebook only that instead of planting crops, the user is tasked to cook food and serve it to the customers. Each type of food has alloted time to be prepared so you need to wait for the food to be cooked otherwise the food will spoil and the clients will go hungry. Each time the clients, which are actually automatically generated by the game, finished eating the food, the user will be awarded with coins and points. While playing the game, I realized that there are best practices in the game that will help users enjoy the game more and maximize the activities in the game. Here are few handy tips that you can use when you play Restaurant Story.

1. Socialize. The main goal of this game (aside from making you purchase green gems) is to socialize with fellow players. To socialize, simply press the brown icon on the lower left part of the screen then press SOCIAL. Once you are there you will see three tabs: Community, Neighbors, and Invite Friends. Visit other restaurant within the game and asked to be added as Neighbor by leaving a tip to the restaurant and asking other users to add you as Neighbor. 


One of the best practices to add more Neighbor is to leave a tips (golden coins) in the restaurant then leave this message to the owner's wall, "Tipped.. please add (your Storm ID) so I can send you gifts." After posting this to few walls I suddenly got a lot of invites. I also make it a point to give them gifts once they are my friends as a follow through with what I posted in their walls. 

The more Neighbors you have the better because these people will help you if you lack food to serve to clients. At one time, I made a mistake of cooking food that will take long time to cook so at one point in the game I no longer have food to serve so I asked my neighbours if they can send me gifts (only neighbors can send gifts) and they were kind enough to send me food. Another key about socializingl is to continuously check for messages since some people leaves tips to your table and will tell you to add their account as neighbours through your wall or through News tab.  Continually checking your Wall or your Message page will let you know if there are people who wants to befriend you. 

2. Cook for the long term and shot term. This is a very hard earned lesson for me since as I’ve said, at one time, I cooked food that will take at least 16 hours to cook so at one point,  I could no longer feed the customer and I have a soaring trend of bad reviews from customer. The best practice for cooking is to cook for the long term and the short term. Cook food that you easily serve in 10-15 mins and items that will take longer time. Also add more cooking equipments so that you will have more food to cook and serve.



3. Leave tips to as many users as you can. When it come to this game, be an extravagant tipper. Visit other restaurants and leave as much tips as the game allows. This will help you find friends and at the same time increase rewards after visiting other restaurant. To leave a tip simply visit a restaurant and then tap the any table twice to leave a tip. 


4. Give gifts as much as you can. In this game, the more gifts you give the more gifts you receive, ergo as much as you can, give gifts to other players. 



5. If you do not want to pay for green gems while playing this game, follow this instruction. There are times when you no longer have money and the game will offer you to purchase green gems. These are real purchase which is directly deductible to your credit card, so this should be avoided if you want to play the game for free. To avoid being charge for purchase of green gems, go outside the game and look for Settings then go to General then Restriction. Turn on the restriction (you will be prompt with a passcode) and then go to Allow Content. Then look for In-App Purchases then set it to OFF.

So there you have it simple tips when playing Restaurant Story. I hope that this will help you enjoy the game.


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