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Simple Ways To Fall Asleep

Everyone appreciates a good night's sleep. Some people spend thousands of dollars attempting to find the right sleep solution, because they understand the importance of feeling well rested and rejuvenated when they wake up. Before you invest in high end beds and pillows consider some of these options to help you catch some much needed Z's

Find Your Trigger

No two people fall asleep the same way, some people fall asleep watching T.V. while others fall asleep listening to sounds of nature on a CD, whatever puts you to sleep it is important to know and identify what those triggers are. The more you understand about what makes you fall asleep the better you understand why you don't sleep. Take a week or two and log down all the times that you could not sleep and try to figure out if a pattern emerges.


This little miracle plant has been used for centuries to ease stress and help people fall asleep. Apparently Chamomile increases the production of a amino acid called Glycine. Glycine is known as a nerve relaxant. Glycine is most likely why Chamomile has such sedative qualities.


Are you under more stress than usually lately? Stress keeps the body in high alert mode even though there might not be a realistic threat. Chances are if you are having a particularly hard time letting something go at work or home that could be the culprit of your sleepless nights. While there is no one solution for dealing with stress, understanding how to manage it can have huge benefits on the quality and quantity of sleep you get.

Hot Water and Epsom Salt

I own a hot tub and can tell you first hand the therapeutic properties of a hot bath or shower. Like Chamomile hot water roughly around 103 to 105 degrees can act like a nerve relaxant. When you are stressed and can't sleep I advise taking a really hot bath with Epsom salt. The key is the magnesium in the salt it works when the hot water opens your pores and allows for the magnesium to be absorbed through the skin this process draws toxins from the body and retards the nervous system; ultimately, calming nerves, reduces swelling and reduces muscle swelling.

Caffeine Intake

You'd be amazed at what products have caffeine in it. If you have issues with sleeping, take a look at what you consume a few hours before bed time. You might have unwillingly consumed a little too much caffeine and that could be the culprit of your sleeplessness.