9 Simple Ways To Go Green At Home

Many people are slowly taking on green living in their daily lives because of raising concerns for global warming and the environmental impact it will have. If you have yet to do your part to help eliminate global warming, then perhaps you would like to know about the 9 different ways presented in this article on how you could help to save Mother Earth by going green and also save money on your electrical and water bills at the same time!

1. Lookup the "Energy Star" Ratings Label

Most of the modern appliances that are in the market carry an "Energy Star" rating and this rating gives you a clearer understanding of the amount of energy that is being used when the appliance is being operated.

If you are new to this "Energy Star" Ratings, all you need to know are that the better/higher the rating that you see on it, the more energy-efficient the appliance is.

If the appliances at your home are old and do not carry such a rating, you may wish to start getting them replaced. Depending on where you are located, some retailers do provide you with a rebate when you go for a "Energy Star" model.

Energy Star
Credit: energystar.gov

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2. Reduce Lighting Energy Cost With CFL Ligh Bulbs

A good way to start your green living at home is to replace your Traditional Incandescent Light Bulbs with Compact Fluorescent (widely known as CFL) Light Bulbs. The difference between these two is that CFL produces the same amount of lumens but they use less wattage and last longer as well. The result is less energy usage in lighting needs. You will also get to see your lighting energy cost go down over time.

On top of that, it would also be good that you remember to switch off the lights when you are away or you do not require it!

ALZO 27W Compact Fluorescent
Credit: amazon.com

3. Go With A Full Load And Cold-Water Cycle On Your Washing Machine

Most people tend to use their Washing Machine as and when they need it. The worst part is doing up the wash on less than Full Load and on Hot Water Cycle which can result in wasting of energy in heating up the water and water when you are washing on less than full load.

If you are guilty of this, this is the right time to stop this habit! For a start, schedule a day out of the week to wash the clothes and have a few laundry bags around to separate the clothings.If you have a good open area of drying your laundry out in the sun, you will not need the Hot Water Cycle and do read up the user guide if you do not know how to change from the Hot Water Cycle to the Cold Water Cycle.

Likewise, this is also applicable if you have a Dryer. You should try to use less of it unless it's the wet season.

4. Saving Water Around Your Bathroom And Washroom

There are a few ways that you can go greener living with your bathroom and washroom.

For instance, you can:

i) Install a Water-Efficient Toilet System which has a dual flush feature (which allows you to do a half or full flush depending on the usage) as well as an efficient Fill Valve System. Getting a Water-Efficient Toilet System does not require you to change the whole toilet system unless it is too old and the flushing tank does not allow you to replace the component inside. If everything is still functioning well, you can simply purchase a converter kit and replace the existing one - you are good to go!

There are many benefits of doing so - most water wastage come from flushing of water and having a half flush feature can help you save a lot of water when a full flush is not needed. The amount saved is also significant if you have a big family.

An efficient Fill Valve System serves two purposes - prevent miscalibration as well as leaks which are two common toilet problems that contribute to water wastage!

Dual Flush Converter
Credit: amazon.com

This Dual Flush Converter by MJSI helps you to save water and money as well as eliminate common toilet problems.

ii) Install a Low-Flow Shower Head can help you to cut down the amount of water you use during a bath as well as helping you to save on energy - all these without having to sacrifice the "feel" of a good shower!

For Traditional Shower Head... you usually have to turn it on full blast to have it deliver a forceful shower of water and your heating system will have to work many times harder to warm up the water. But with a Low-Flow Shower Header, it mixes air pressure with the water so that it comes out with enough force to let you enjoy a good shower without having to turn it on full blast!

It is also good to remember to take shorter shower to further reduce your water and energy use!

Low Flow Shower Head
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The High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head Helps To Save 40% On Water And Water Heating Costs.

iii) Installing Of Solar Water Heater

If you have the option of installing Solar Water Heaters at your house, this will be good investments to consider.

To keep your water heated, it takes a lot of power and by switching over to a Solar Water Heater... the Sun will do all the work and you will still get to enjoy the same amount of hot water without having to waste any energy. Storing these hot water in an Insulated Storage System will also help to keep it warm even when it's dark or cold outside.

iv) Don't Keep The Faucets Running

Another good habit to keep in mind is not to keep the faucets (the taps or shower heads) running especially when you are in the midst of brushing your teeth or soaping yourself.

5. Make It A Habit To Recycle

Have the habit to recycle and make it routine for everyone as well! Some of the household items that you can recycle on a regular basis include Aluminum Cans, Plastic Bottles, Paper and Glass.

6. Get Into Composting

Though Composting is not a way to save energy but it does reduce the amount of garbage that you will be throwing away. If you or your neighbors are into gardening, composting is a great natural way to cut down on the spending for fertilizers.

Food scraps, like Vegetable and Fruit Wastes, Egg Shells and Tea Bags are ideal ingredients for composting. Meat Waste and Dairy Products are items that cannot be composted because they slow down the process of composting, attract rodents and maggots as well!

Compost Bin For Kitchen
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The OXO Good Grips Compost Bin Is Ideal For The Kitchen Countertop To Store Your Food Scraps.

7. Unplug Your Electrical Appliances

Make it a habit to unplug your electrical appliances, e.g. your Television or PCs when they are not in use. It is a fact that these electrical appliances still consume power when they are turned off.

If you like to leave your PC or Laptop on every single moment... make a change and turn it off every night before you sleep. The amount of energy saved (as well as on the electricity costs) is worth sacrificing a few more seconds for them to boot up again in the morning!

8. Go Paperless

You can cut down a lot of unnecessary paper wastage by opting in to receive electronic bill statements and paying your bills online.

If you like to read physical copies of Magazines and Newspaper - most of these are turning into electronic formats due to the popularity of Mobile Devices so make a switch today and enjoy your readings in this manner.

9. Buy Locally-Made Products

To help reduce the amount of carbon footprint (the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted into the environment) due to transportation... you can consider getting locally made products which can include appliances, daily necessities to food necessities. Most of the time the quality are not far off from those made by big foreign companies.

Check on the labels of these items on where it is made or you can check with the sellers on the origin of the products

Not only will you be helping the environment, you will be helping the local economy and local businesses as well!

Try These 9 Tips And Take On Greener Living Today!

If you have yet to take on Green Living for your Home, these 9 simple tips will give you a good head start. There are many other good green living tips around so you can do more research if these 9 tips are working well for you!

Do remember that by taking on Greener Living - not only will you get to save this planet, you will also get to enjoy some long term cost saving on your electrical and water bills!