Coconut oil

You have probably read or heard somewhere about the wonderful properties that coconut oil has. Not only does it speed up your metabolism, but it also; boosts your immune system; support development of strong teeth and bones by encouraging the absorption of magnesium and calcium; kills yeast, fungi and bacteria in our bodies; improves digestion, as well as bowel function; reduces inflammation; helps with the prevention of sagging skin and wrinkles; improves the health as well as the look of your hair and support thyroid function among many other functions.

These are properties that everybody could benefit from. The question therefore remains, how do you incorporate this exotic oil into your daily diet to benefit from its substantial qualities? We are going to look at 5 quick ways to implement coconut oil in your diet.

1. Using It In General Cooking

This is the most common way that people use to incorporate the fat in their diets. Some people say that it goes better with Thai or Indian food. But it can also be used in any other kind of food. Just simply replace your normal cooking fat with it. That will be expeller pressed or virgin coconut oil. It might take a little while for your household to get used to the 'coconutty' taste, but you can rest assured that the taste acquiring period will be pleasant. Coconut fat gives food a wonderful, exotic taste that lingers with every bite.

Be sure to incorporate it in your curries, Thai food and most of your Indian foods. This addition really gives the flavor some extra punch. It doesn't take too much creativity to incorporate this exotic fat into your foods. As a general rule of thumb, just try and experiment with any food that might need oil, which is almost all foods, see if you like the taste and carry on from there. Basically any food that would require butter, vegetable fat, margarine and shortening can be made using Coconut oil instead. Some people also like to simply eat the butter directly.

2. Using It In Baking

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This is also one of the most popular manners in which people incorporate Coconut oil in their daily diets. Baked food all need some form of butter. By simply replacing that with Copra butter, you can not only get the tasty baked food you want, but also benefit from the healthy properties that butter contains. Using it in muffins, cakes, cobblers, pancakes and almost any other baked good is a great way to give the product a subtle sweetness that only coconut can bring. What you need to remember is that Coconut oil needs to be heated up because it solidifies when cold. When incorporating it in your baking ventures, melt it and bring the rest of the ingredients used such as milk and eggs up to room temperature to avoid re-solidification of the oil. Just like in cooking, any baking recipe that requires any type of oil can be potentially used as a Coconut oil recipe. Simply replace the required oil with your Virgin Coconut oil and enjoy.

3. Drink The Coconut Milk

This is as simple as it gets. Homemade coconut milk contains a lot of the oil in it. In fact, when you have the fresh cold milk in a glass, you will see the oil bead up in it. You can simply drink this down or if you wish, extract it and use it for other purposes. This Fresh homemade coconut milk can also be used in many other different ways besides just drinking it down. You can use it in hot beverages like tea, or you could use it in any baking recipe that requires the use of milk (simply replace that milk with your homemade coconut milk), you can use it to make soup and also in smoothies. Which brings us to the other way through which you can incorporate copra oil in your daily diet...

4. Using It In Smoothies and Desserts

When adding the oil to smoothies or yoghurt, be sure to melt it, then gently pour it into the mixture while continuously stirring. Remember this oil solidifies when cold. This way, your oil will not form pellets in your smoothie or yoghurt. As for dessert, you can make copra oil candies. This is one of the sweetest ways to enjoy this wonderful vegetable oil. There are many chocolate or candy making recipes that will give you a leeway to use the oil. Through this method, you can also effectively have your kids eating the healthy oil. Besides candy, you can make ice cream, chocolate pudding and bread pudding using coconut milk as a replacement.

5. As An Oil Blend

For those people who find the taste and aroma of coconut a little bit overbearing, you can simply use it in a blend. This way, you get all the benefits that the oil brings without having to go through the overwhelming flavor. All you have to do is take some copra oil, melt it gently over some low heat, get a cup of sesame oil and another cup of olive oil, combine all three and there you have it. A mixture that is not so 'coconutty' but still holds all the health benefits. You can use this as a replacement for any type of oil in many recipes as well as salad dressing. Just be sure to warm it up first.

As a general warning, you are advised to slowly incorporate coconut into your diet. Do not do this aggressively. This is because the oil has been known to kick start a detoxification process in the human body. This is when your body begins to get rid of the ingested toxins. As much as this is a good thing and most people go through cleanses to achieve it, it can leave you a little lethargic. You are therefore advised to gradually add coconut oil to your diet and not simply take it on all at once. That being said, coconut oil is great for your system. These are just 5 quick ways to implement the oil in your diet. There are many more, so keep an eye out.