Simple Ways for Businesses to Become Eco-Friendly

Businesses and residents across the country are doing their part to conserve and protect the environment. Being environmentally conscious is more than just a fad; it’s a way of life for many people and companies. However, it can be difficult, time-consuming, and laborious for many companies to make the switch, but it’s not impossible. Encouraging local businesses to become more environmentally friendly is simple. Here are just a few things that local businesses and your city can implement to ensure a better way of doing business and the beginning of an improved way of life.

Paperless World: Many companies offer paperless billing; some even apply discounts for choosing this option. Electronic billing is an easier way to receive and pay bills. One reason for this is because a majority of people in the United States have access to a computer—whether that’s on their phones, in their homes, at work, or even at local libraries or community centers. Not only is offering or accepting electronic or paperless billing easier for the customer, but it can save businesses substantial amounts of money.

Redefine Work Hours: In recent years, many government agencies and other companies have redefined their work hours, mainly consisting of additional hours during the work day and having an extra day off during the week. This can again save money, but it can also aid in sustaining the environment by not adding to pollution caused by commuting and saving energy during peak hours.

Back to the Basics: Recycle. Just that one simple act can make a huge difference, especially for businesses that use a lot of paper—even when paperless billing is offered. Companies can also offer recycling to their employees, for soda cans, food and package wrappers, and newspapers. Recycling is an easy way for any business or individual to make a difference.

Stormwater Control: When it rains, that water flows into storm drains and it picks up many impurities along the way. The problem is that this water eventually makes it to rivers and lakes and is untreated. The good news is that stormwater pollution is preventable if cities take action. Stormwater control can keep residents and the local environment healthy and safe.

Being environmentally friendly should be a common goal for any community. If every person and every business works together, everyone will benefit. When an entire community is involved in environmental efforts, the community unites and can spread its influence to surrounding areas. It only takes one person or one community to have a lasting and world-changing effect.