Network Marketing Training

Do you ever wish you could sell more to your MLM Leads?  Wouldn't it be nice if ou had a proven formula to:

  • Sell more of your front-end products
  • Sell more of your opportunity's products/services
  • Sell more of your MLM leads into your opportunity itself
  • And ultimately make a lot more money through your MLM prospecting efforts

You can stop dreaming because that is exactly what I am going to share with you here in this MLM prospecting article.  The formula is called the 4x Domination Formula.

This formula is going to allow you to produce content that will have your MLM leads flocking to you to hand you money and it gets better.

The best part of this formula is that it is easy to do and it's so fool proof that you can get outstanding results with it even if you are new to prospecting for MLM leads.

You can use this formula to create cash-producing videos, articles, blog posts, E-mails and pretty much anything you can use to promote your products or services.

The 4x Domination Formula:

  1. Start by listing or talking about one positive aspect of whatever you're selling (product/business opportunity).
  2. List or talk about one positive benefit that your MLM prospect will get from your opportunity.
  3. List or talk about one negative aspect of your product.
  4. The last one is the twist, list or talk about one negative outcome that your MLM prospect might suffer if they don't get your product.

The last one is going to be the key to pushing your prospects emotional buttons and get them moving towards the sale in an entirely unique and creative way.

Here is an example:

Whatever your opportunity is -

"The Pro":

The unique 10x10 matrix compensation plan is unlike you have ever seen before and it will allow you to quickly make more money than ever before.

"The Con":

You will have to actually put in an effort.  If you are looking for a "golden ticket" this is not for you.

"The Positive Benefit":

If you are coachable, we have a proven MLM prospecting system that you can plug into.  This system will help you in ways you never thought possible.  You will achieve levels of financial wealth that most network marketers only dream of.

"The Twist":

Other network marketing opportunities only provide you with a few products or services and leave out the most important part - the MLM prospecting system that actually makes it go to produce for you.

As you can see, the alternating positive/negative makes for a balanced presentation but it is favoring your opportunity.  Try out the stealthy "4x Domination Formula" in your prospecting efforts.  Try it out the next time you are sending a message to your prospects, creating a video, and especially when you are selling a front-end affiliate product to your MLM leads.  It has been used many times and is one of the easiest and best ways to sell your prospects without triggering their sales defenses.

Here's to making more money,