Many people focus on increasing their income much more than they do on decreasing their expenses.  However, decreasing your expenses can greatly increase the impact of the income you earn.  You assume monthly bills are fixed expenses so you stop paying attention to them and you allow them to continue piling up.  But you absolutely have the power to change them.  Sometimes, you just have to do a little research, make a phone call, sign a couple forms but in the end, it is well worth it.

Here are some tips on how to cut back on some of those monthly bills that most of us tend to forget.    

Review your waste disposal bill.  If you have a large bin that never gets filled up then request a smaller bin.  It will likely cost half of what you pay for it now. 

Turn off the lights.  If you are not home, turn off all lights, unplug large appliances, and turn off the heat or air condition.  If you are not using a room then do the same for that room. This seems obvious but you have to remind yourself to do this.

Refinance your car loan.  If you currently have a rate over 3% then start shopping because you can probably find a lower rate.  Check with your local credit unions; they usually have lower rates than big banks.

Don’t get comfortable with your car insurance.  Continue to ask your friends and family members about the deals they receive.  It is a competitive field and after a few years with one car insurance company, there may be another company with a better rate.

Lower your cell phone bill by talking through Skype and other video chats online.  If you must have a Smartphone then get an app that allows you to text for free.  For example, WhatsApp allows you to text other WhatsApp members for free through the iPhone. 

Cancel your cable.  Do you really need to pay for all those channels that you don’t watch?  A lot of networks will have the most recent episodes of your favorite show on their website so you can watch them for free.  Or there are other sites such as where you can sign up at a much more affordable rate to watch just about any of your favorite shows. 

There are many more ways to cut back on your expenses.  Take some time to sit down, review your monthly bills and prioritize your needs.  If there is anything else that is not a necessity then you usually can decrease your payment, substitute it with a much more affordable version or completely eliminate it.