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Did you know that the average person will spend one and a half years in the bathroom?[1] This is an amazing fact and it surprised me when I read it for the first time.  Over the course of your life you will spend over 61,152 hours of your life behind a locked door in what is an often a small closed space. 

No one wants to be stuck in a small, closed, space for indefinite periods of time with little to no decorations.  That is why it should be a priority to improve your bathroom.  A standard bathroom usually includes, but is not limited to a sink, cabinet, toliet, and bathtub/shower.  Now you could spend copious amounts of money to deck out your bathroom by removing the standard "necessities" and putting in new equipment, but let's just keep it simple. 

This article will explore how to maximize your money to improve your bathroom in several key, but "simple" ways.

Decorative Idea One: Wall Art

Bathrooms are precious spaces designed for human necessities and we shouldn't overlook that fact, but since humans spend so much time, alone, in an enclosed space we gravitate to the call for decoration.   The first idea for decoration is wall art. 

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Wall art can be an amazing way for you to decorate your bathroom.  Now you don't have to choose wolves, but any type of wall art would be a great decoration for your bathroom.  I would recommend choosing a nice piece such as the one (pictured) in this article.   Now where should you place this piece of art?  I would recommend placing it directly opposite to your toliet.  Choose an image or work of art that you will cherish because it is going to be something that you spend a lot of time viewing while you are in the bathroom. 

Decorative Idea Two: Clocks

Clocks are an important decoration for any room, but perhaps more important for you bathroom.  People sometimes forget to place a clock in their bathroom.  Find a clock that you can mount to the wall and that is battery operated.  We don't want it to get wet (that would be bad). 

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I would recommend that you place the clock above your toliet. In most bathrooms the toliet is usually adjacent to the bathtub or shower.  This way you can view the clock when you are in the shower.  It is important to have a time keeping device in your bathroom so that you don't lose time.  If you lose time you may be late to work! 

Decorative Idea Three: Colorful Towels

Colorful towels can add flavor to your bathroom.  Most people choose towels that match their bathroom appliances and this means that the towels are usually white.  Most toliets and bathtubs are white and people naturally choose towels that match their bathroom appliances.  However, this can be a mistake!

Colorful TowelsCredit: Google ImagesColorful towels can give you flavor and get rid of the dull nature of the bathroom!  So I would implore you to purchase a nice set of towels like the ones (pictured) in this article.  Have a different color for each day of the week.  This way you never get bored with the same colors in your bathroom and help diversify your small space. 

Decorative Idea Four: Life Preserver

Now, this idea may seem strange to some of you, but it actually makes since.  Most boats are equipped with a life preserve so if someone falls off the ship it can be thrown to them and they can safetly climb back aboard. 

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A life preserver can be a kitchy piece for your bathroom.  Not only can it bring a sense of humor to your bathroom, but it can also be a talking point with your guests.  Get a small life preserver (pictured above) so that you can mount it to the wall.  I would recommend that you mount the preserver next to the toliet or above your towel rack.  If you want this can also be mounted above the toliet if you choose not to add a clock to your bathroom. 

Decorative Idea Five: Toliet Cover

A toliet cover can be a fun addition to your bathroom.  People often leave their toliet the way it is and choose not to get a cover, but I would caution against this.  We are trying to beautify your bathroom and add decorations.  A good toliet cover not only will beautify your toliet, but also can be an additional talking point to your guest.  Besides, some people may want to sit on the toliet lid while they put on their makeup or brush their teeth.  No one wants to sit on a cold, hard, toliet lid.  That is why a furry cover is a must!

Furry CoverCredit: Google Images
The cover (pictured above) is a furry cover that will be an excellent piece for you to sit on while you get ready for the day.  Not only is it cheeky, but it is an amusing cover.  I would recommend that you get a cover that fits you.  Not everyone will want to go the exotic cheetah route.

Decorative Idea Six: Rug

The last piece of decoration that I would recommend you purchasing is a nice water resistant rug.  This rug will help your feet because it is much nicer to stand on a fur or wool substance instant of cold tile or wood in the morning. 

RugCredit: Google Images

An exotic rug like this will not only be a talking point to your guests, but help beautify your bathroom.  It is important that you pick out a rug that fits your personality as your bathroom is going to be decorated according to your needs not the writer of this article.  I would recommend finding a nice piece that you find comfortable for your feet, but also one that won't get ruined by water from the shower/bathtub. 


Decorating your bathroom is very important for the reasons outlined in this article.  It is a place where you will spend a small portion of your overall life.  You want it to be a room that fits your needs and decorating style.  I recommended improving your bathroom by finding pieces of art, rugs, clocks, towels, covers, and kitchy humorous pieces.  These will all add flavor and beautify your small, closed, space. 

In conclusion, please be mindful that my decorating schemes may not match your own.  However, I think that we can find common ground even if we disagree on the overall decorating style.  For example, you may not want to include a life preserver because it seems kind of like an object a college student would put in their bathroom, but you may want to purchase additional towels.  Please find whatever fits your style out of this article and incorporate it into your bathroom. 

Each idea presented in this article was a cost efficent, cheap, and most importantly simple way to improve your bathroom.  I say simple because you will not have to spend a lot of your cold hard cash to improve your bathroom if you choose to follow this advice, but if you want to spend more money and buy better appliances than you should. 

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