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Raising kids in today’s world has never been harder.  With dependence on technology increasing and values steadily evolving, trying to raise healthy, moral and productive children can be quite a task.  But aside from the advances in technology and morality, raising kids is just plain hard.  They are expensive and require a lot of time.  

First time parents are often warned to get all the sleep they can, and to enjoy their quiet time before their bundle of joy arrives.  And once the child arrives, the priority most always becomes their wellbeing, and all of the material and emotion needs that go along with that. 

In the midst of trying to raise happy, healthy and well-adjusted kids, is the daily living routine we endure.  Quite frankly, kids are a handful, and life with these precious little ones can get out of hand through the accumulation of toys, clothes, furniture, and the emotions of discipline, loving and nurturing on a daily basis.  Parents need to take a moment of reflection to decide what is truly important in their lives.  It’s time to take a look at the items you have accumulated and the busyness you experience and change things before your children reach the teen years and no longer value your opinion.

Below are some simple, yet helpful ways to simplify your life with your kids while they are still young.  These tips will help you live each day with less stress and improve the relationship you have with your kids.  Once you take inventory of what is important and what is not, your life will be simpler, easier and more enjoyable.

Spring clean your child’s belongings

Do you really need all the toys youe kid has had since birth, or every drawing they’ve done in school?  Sure, they are nice to keep and show your children that you care about them and the things they do, but this stuff causes clutter, takes up space, and causes you as the parent anxiety and stress when trying to maneuver around all of this stuff. 

To simplify the toy accumulation, I propose a 10 toy maximum.  Let your child only have 10 toys at a time.  If your child gets a new toy, one of their older toys has to be donated or given away to another child. This will lessen the risk of anyone falling over the toys, but also teaches your child how to give and the importance of giving things away. 

For the many drawings, paintings and projects from school accumulated, buy or create a box with your child to house their  precious art.  As the child gets older, maybe once a year, sit down with your child and go through the box and get rid of paintings, drawings and projects they no longer want to keep.  This way, their art and projects will stay neat and organized and out of sight.




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Parents spring clean your shopping habits


When you are a parent, you want your child to be happy and to see them cry breaks your heart especially when they want something.  They cry and we give in, well, no more.  In order to simplify your life, you need to take a spring cleaning to your shopping habits.  Cut out unnecessary spending. Kids do not need the latest toy or gadget, kids need parents most of all.  Life in the 1950s was so simple.  It was a treat to watch TV, and playing outside was a kid’s favorite pastime, but not today.  We want our kids to have the best of everything, and when they are babies this is even more evident.  Your baby doesn’t need every jumper, stroller, playpen, bouncer etc. that comes on the market.  Stick to the basics.  Buy what you need and not want you want.   A simple cradle is fine, it doesn’t need a changing table attached, save the extra money and just use the bed.  Simplify your life with kids by buying what you need and on occasions splurge.


Monitor your emotions

 Being a parent can be frustrating and emotional  because sometimes kids just don’t listen.  To simplify your life and keep your emotions healthy, refrain from yelling because it will scare your kids and shut down communication at the same time. 


Be the parent and tell them what to do

Don’t give your kids a choice; tell them what you want them to do.  Don’t ask if they want to take a bath, tell them to take a bath.  You are the parent,  and you know what is best for them.


Keep your promises

 Don’t make promises you cannot keep.  Children learn to trust their parents, so don’t tell them you are going to do something for them, if you are not sure you can follow through on the commitment.  It’s best to convey your plans to them only when you are certain you can fulfill the plans you have for them.


Don’t harbor anger

 Your kids will sometimes do things that will upset and enrage you.  The best advice is to handle the situation without destructive anger and release these feelings.  Children are creative and spontaneous and often do not think of consequences or the impact their behavior has on other people.  Give them room for these mistakes.  Harboring resentment towards your child for inappropriate behavior will hinder your relationship with them only causing more disappointment to occur.  Let go of the past and look positively into the future.  Remember, they are only kids.

Be able to admit your wrongdoing

We always want our kids to say sorry and apologize when they are wrong, but so should we.  Admit to your child your wrongdoing or fault.  Humble yourself, say sorry and ask them for forgiveness.

Leave on a positive note

Always see your kid off with a hug, kiss or an "I love you" before they leave the house or go to bed.  Let them know your love is unconditional no matter how angry you become with them.

Be your child’s best advocate

Stand up for your child when they need someone to speak up for them, whether it is something administrative at school or when they are wronged in any way.  You know your child better than anyone, so speak up and show your child that you will fight and support them when something occurs that is not in their best interest.  But, make sure you have all of the facts first.  So, listen to the problem, investigate and act accordingly on the behalf of your child.

These tips are simple and important to remember, our kids are our biggest asset.  We must pour love, nurturing, respect, health, morality, confidence and a love for life inside of them.  Simplify your life by cleaning your house, your shopping habits and your relationship with your kids.  Life will be sweeter and your children will be thankful  to you as adults.




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