We have all heard that old saying, "Workouts should never be dull." Making workouts fun is the key to sticking with it. Below are 5 simple yet effective tips for turning exercise into fun.

A lot of women and men do not stick with a workout plan long enough to see some results. Perhaps the main reason for this is that they do the same exercise each time they work-out. However, even the most satisfying of exercises becomes dull when there is no variety. Is there a simple solution to this 'problem'? There're a lot of simple ways to make workouts fun. All it takes is a bit of creativity.

Fun Exercises Activities and Routines

Making workouts fun is as simple as heading to the local park. It is effective and definitely much more enjoyable to do push-ups on the grass than it is inside a smelly gym. One should do several series of push-ups. Next, one should head over to the swing set and get a lower back exercise. Best of all (especially for those who want to lose body fat) swinging can burn tones of calories. After toning biceps and triceps and strength exercise on the swing set, one should walk or run around the park several times (depending on the length of the track). It is most important to learn how to enjoy fresh air.

Working out with a friend is often much more fun when compared to working out alone. One can even exercise with children. Kids always know the best games to play to get the heart rate going. Let the kid pick the game and play. Working out with a dog is also worth considering.

Fun Exercises Ideas

Music definitely makes workouts fun. It even helps men and women work-out much longer. Not only does it help have a more upbeat attitude concerning exercising, it increases endurance by 15% as well. This is why a lot of men and women who jog have mp3's. Before exercising, one should put on some music. General rule of thumb goes: The faster the beat the better. Furthermore, it is a good idea to change the music from time to time.

A lot of men and women find it stimulating to use the power of pretend by making different scenarios in their mind. Instead of just jogging, envision training for a marathon or the upcoming Olympic Games. Making motivating mental images makes working out fun and more importantly makes the time go by faster.