Most people are likely to have acne at one point or the other in their life. It is always better to prevent acne than thinking of to treat it. The treatment of acne oftentimes can be quite expensive. But when acne is prevented from forming on ones skin, it saves the individual a lot of pain and money that could have been used in the treatment. Preventing the disorder is very simple and inexpensive such that one should not think it’s something that will cost a lot of money. It only entails strict adherence to some simple routines and a good understanding of the causes of this disorder. Some of these methods are considered below -:

Washing with Cleansing Soaps -: one of the common causes of this disorder is the blockade of sweat pores. This is usually the first event in the series of events that later result in the formation of acne. The pore can be blocked by excessive shedding of old skin cells, some of which end up in the pore blocking it. This leads to a series of other events that cause acne to result. The best prevention method to put to use here is to use cleansing soaps for bathing. The mechanism of action of this soap ensures that all the pores are cleaned up. The active ingredients in these soaps dissolve most of the particles blocking the pore. Some of the soaps are commonly available in most cosmetic stores.

Having a Clean Shave: Most times poor shaving is responsible for acne most especially in men. Most people when shaving, they end up shaving too deep. This makes the pore to be empty temporarily leading to a partial or complete closure of the pore by the surrounding skin. The closed pore may have low concentrations of oxygen giving rise to anaerobic environment. Thus making bacteria to thrive there this ultimately leads to acne. But, when shaving is neatly done, this whole scenario will not come up and there will be no concerns for having acne. This is a more cost effective way of to prevent acne.

Using Anti-Bacterial Soaps-: bacteria is the most common microorganism that has been implicated in the cause of acne. Hence devising a method of getting rid of this micro-organism will go a long to prevent the disorder from even happening. One of the best ways of taking care of bacteria that is likely to cause this is using an anti-bacterial soap or cream. This will help in making the skin almost bacteria free. But it is difficult to be 100 percent free from bacteria as long as we do our everyday activities. The only thing that can be done to prevent acne with this method is to always use anti-bacterial soap on a daily basis. this will keep the bacteria populations from growing; thus making them too few to cause any acne and subsequently any discomfort.