Simple tips for weight loss

Do you always end up searching for simple weight loss tips?  Are you unhappy with your weight and find it hard to lose, as well as, sustain your weight?  Trust me, I know what it's like.  However, there are simple, easy tips you can apply to start losing weight and keeping it off.  

Keep in mind, these simple weight loss tips will not help you drop 10 pounds in a week, and will not allow you to see results within a matter of days.  Many people make the mistakes of always looking for a quick fix without keeping in mind that healthy and sustainable results take time, and are the results of small actions that build upon each other. 

Here are some immediate tips you can apply

1. Cut out juices, sodas, other forms of liquid calories, and cut out the sugar

I'm not saying cut out all sugar(especially if you use it to cook), but keep in mind that juices, sodas, and desserts do nothing for your body.  These forms of sugar will make you fat, so find better replacements.  Eat fruits, drink water, and have flavored tea if you ever feel thirsty or want something sweet.  

2.  Cut out "white carbs"

You should stay away from white carbs(i.e. white flour, white bread, rice, white sugar, potatoes, carrots, dairy).  As you can tell, whiteness tends to indicate what a white carb food is.  I'll admit I have a personal love for pastry(white flour + sugar, a double whammy), but have to eat in moderation.  White carbs negatively impact your blood sugar and insulin levels, which puts you at greater risk for diabetes.  If you do only one thing(besides the tip above), cut out the white carbs.  Most white carbs have little nutritional value as well.  

3. Eat protein

Eat some protein with 30 minutes of waking up.  This includes eating eggs, drinking protein, etc.  This is crucial. 

4. Eat healthy fats and proteins

5. Choose your diet

There's the Paelo Diet, which goes back to the basics of what a caveman would eat. According to the logic, the caveman were physically fit and had little disease caused by their diet. Plus, our bodies still haven't adapted to the processed food we eat.  There's a free eBook on this site that's pretty helpful:

Another diet you can implement is the slow-carb diet from Tim Ferris’ “The 4-Hour Body”. You can buy this book at You might prefer the slow-carb diet because it's easier to stick to it than the straight Paleo diet and has great results.  One of my friends(who had some extra pounds on his stomach) was able to lose considerable amounts of fat and get a 6-pack within 3 months of using the slow-carb diet.