The upkeep of owning a house is time-consuming and expensive. And what if you’re the proud owner of an older house that doesn’t have modern building materials and energy-saving fixtures, there's a very good chance that the monthly utility bills bleed your wallet without asking the question why?

Many homeowners are unaware that a couple a quick fixes and daily routine changes could save hundreds of dollars a month and thousands a year in paying un needing high utility bills. Below are a couple of tips that will greatly increase the efficiency of your house and in doing so saving you money.


Unplugging Your Chargers

phone charger

Unplugging phone and computer charges when not in use is one of the easiest corrections a household can make to lower costs on your electric bill. While not in use chargers will still use phantom energy from the outlet as many act as an ac/dc converter, and use just as much energy when not charging and object to when it is.



Wash Clothes with Cold Water Instead of Hot

As new detergents created by detergent companies make clothes cleaner than ever before, the thought that hot water cleans clothes better than cold water is no longer ringing true. Another positive of using cold water over hot is the lower occurrence of bleed over of dark colors into light, if you are the type of person that refuses to wash separately.


Turn Water Heater Temperature Down

Turning the base temperature of your water heater by as little as 10 degrees fahrenheit can greatly lower your monthly energy costs 3 to 6 percent as well as lower the chances of scalding. Scientists suggest not going under 120 degrees fahrenheit, chance of bacteria growth in your tank increases. Also if you or anyone in your household has a compromised immune system it would wise to keep the temperature higher for lowering chances of waterborne bacteria diseases and infections.


Installing Low Flow Shower Heads  shower head

New government regulations mandate that shower heads can't emit more than 2.5 gpm (gallons  per minute) yet many shower heads that predate 1992  have emit closer to 5.5 gpm. Installing low flow  shower heads can save you  $10-$20 dollars on your water bill per head. Also, installing other low flow fixtures in your house you are able to lower your monthly water bill by as much as 60%.  


Keep A/C Temperature Higher in Summer

If you are like me you enjoy keeping your house cool in the summer but raising your set A/C by as little as a couple of degrees can greatly raise the efficiency of your house and  lowering the utility costs.

Keep Thermostat Temperature Lower in Winter

The same as the earlier suggestion just in the opposite direction, lowering the temperature of your house in the winter is a great way to save a buck. Now I know that most despise cold weather and want nothing to do with it inside of their home but 65-70 degrees fahrenheit is still comfortable in comparison to living in an igloo, suck it up and grab a blanket, it will just make spring that much more special.

Darkening Rooms in the Summer

If you have blinds attached to your windows, use them. Sunlight penetrated the house through windows is one of the quickest ways to heat up a house. Shutting blinds or places that let in a lot of sunlight when unneeded lowers summer cooling costs by as much as 15% percent.

Close the Damper on your Fireplace

If you are the owner of a fireplace in your house, make sure to keep the damper closed when not in use. One of the basics of heat energy is that it rises, and if you have a gouging hole in your roof guess where the heat inside your house goes? Closing the damper stops heat escape dead in its tracks keeping your heater from overworking and in doing so increasing the efficiency of your home.


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