Beauty pageants are watched on TV by millions of viewers every year, how do these girls get make it there? That is a question by asked by many and the simple answer is hard work and dedication. There is alot more to pageants than just pretty women and walking in a swimsuit. Those who are successful and make it to the top pageants ,put in the time and sacrifice to get that amazing oppurtunity. That dosent mean you can not be one of those girls. They are regular everyday girls that just practice and want it a little more than others. With these steps you too can be successful at pageants whether you are a beginner or more experienced.

Things You Will Need

After you are registered for the pageant you are competing in the first thing you will need to do is get your sponsorship out of the way. There is usually a sponsorship program incorporated in the pageant. This means there is a fee that you will raise by getting sponsor contributions. This can be easily raised by asking family, friends, and pretty much anyone you want to ask.

Step 1

Get all your sponsorship and paperwork out the way . This is an important step and it does not look good to miss deadline. Although if deadlines are missed contact your pageant director and you can always work something out. They usually give you months ahead to get these things together.

Step 2

It is important to maximize your chances of winning that you try to get a pageant coach. A pageant coach is experienced with pageants and can help you in areas that you need more help with. Coaches can range in prices form $50 -$150 an hour. If you are lucky enough to know someone who has competed in pageants ask if they would be willing to coach you. This is a way to help save a coachinfg fee. Winners practice and practice and the coaching is worth it especially when competing against experienced contestants.

Step 3

Once you have your coach you can start looking for your gown that you will compete in. The gown is the most imoortant part of your wardrobe. The dress alot of the time is what can make or break you. You need a dress that complementd your skin color and of course stand out! You want to sparkle on stage. You have to stand out from every other girl and be memorable. If you are not mamorable you will not win. There are so many styles of dressses today so whatever dress you choose make sure it makes you feel beautiful and give the WOW! factor.Also remember make sure you are age appropriate for your division.

Step 4

Depending on the type of pageant there may be additional wardrobe. If there is talent you will need something for that. Evening wear and bathing suit are the general competitions but there are others. Also dont forget your interview outfit. It should be professional but still show you are beautiful. Do not wear distracting patterns or makeup. The less makeup the better for this category.

Step 5

Swimuit is the most fun category to me. You can show your personality and show the judges how confident you are. This is nto to make you look bad, this is to see how confident and beautiful you are. Solids colors are best for this. Patterns and stripes can be distracting. In addition it is best to wear clear heels. This makes your legs look longer and dosent distarct the judges with sparkly shoes. If you do have tattos I suggest covering them with foundation. Rememeber to wear colors that complement you. Have fun with this!

Number one is confidence! Every girl that wins a pageant has amazing confidence. You don't necessarily have to be the prettiest girl you just have to carry yourself with the confidence that you are. Be yourself and show others that you are the best girl to win. Enjoy the experience of the pageant there can only be one winner. No matter the outcome take something positive from it and keep competing if this is something you really enjoy. You will get the outcome you are looking for with persistence and dedication. Good Luck!!!

Tips & Warnings