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How to figure out Adsense keywords that have highest CPC

How to boost up Adsense earning

If you are an Infobarrel user, most likely you’re monetizing your article with Google Adsense. In this article, I have some strategies to increase your Google Adsense CPC (Cost per Click), thus allowing you to make more money.

a) The Keywords

You need to figure out which keywords have the highest paying CPC and exact monthly search traffic, using the Google Adwords keyword tool.  This tool is free to all users and you just need a Gmail account before signing up.

Use Adwords keyword tool to search for the keywords that have high CPC and search traffic.  Once you identified the high CPC keywords, then you just need to center your articles around such keywords. It’s advisable to choose only keywords that pay $2 or higher.  Drop all keywords that have 1 cent or 10 cents!

Selections of good keywords are the most crucial part of your mission, if you want to boost your earning fast. You will not make good money without right keywords for Adsense; even you may already have a lot of traffic.

b) The Traffic

Next, you need to concentrate on building traffic to your articles on InfoBarrel. Personally, I think you probably make around $10 for every 5000 page views. I have been looking around on how to increase the traffic to my articles on InfoBarrel, but without much success initially.

You can promote your articles using social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Meebo, Stubleupon and MySpace for free, but it’s very slow.  If you are serious into business, consider the ‘paid traffic’ that would be able to boost up traffic to your articles instantly.

c) The high paying niche for Adsense

Focus only on high paying niche for Adsense. You can use Google Adwords Keyword tool to identify the highest paying key phrases.  Usually, the high paying niche for Adsense is business or finance related niche.

You won’t get rich overnight with Adsense, thus far Adsense has been paying for my daily expenses. My next goal is to make more money with Adsense for my new Toyota Hybrid car.