Spice up the humble mouse with new pointers

There's alot more to Windows customisation than a simple wallpaper or theme change. One example of Windows customisation is the changeability of the mouse cursor.

This guide will inform you on how to change the mouse cursor. For starters, there are built-in program within Windows itself that enables the user to change the cursor. However, this tool is buried deep within the mouse configuration option in the Control Panel. Furthermore, this default tool cannot modify the cursor itself. To ease these steps and add more customisability to the end user, a program has been created to solve this issue. It is called "RealWorld Cursor Editor". This program has many tools for power users, but those who just want to change their cursors can also do it easily.

First off, you can download this program from the site listed below. The program is provided for free, but if you like it, you can always donate to support further development of the program.

Next, is to search for your favourite cursor designs, if you haven't done so already. These small picture files usually have .ani or .cur in their filenames. After you've collected a set of them store it in a folder of you choosing, preferably in the Desktop so you can easily find it later. There are many cursor sets available online, which can be collected for free. All cursors are equal, but some cursors are more equal than others. This means there are designers who charge for their cursors, which tend to be prettier or more impressive than their free siblings. 

Be wary when downloading free cursors, though, especially since some of them may harbour viruses or other unwanted malware inside.

After downloading the program you'll have to install it. This is standard procedure and there should be no problem in accomplishing it. Just make sure that you have administrator privileges before attempting to install. There is also a larger portable version of this tool, which can be stored inside a USB drive so you can customise your cursor on whichever computer you use. Just make sure you have permission to do so if you're not the owner of the computer.

After finished installing, open the program. This is the main interface. It is a portal where you can know more about the program itself, as well as providing videos on learning how to make or modify your cursors. If you're interested and proficient in languages you an also offer to translate the tool into a language of your choosing.


RealWorld Cursor Editor main screen

Just click on the "Open" to select a folder that contains your cursor images.


RealWorld Cursor Editor Folder Select

The folder that I have choosen comes from the 2008 RTS game "Red Alert 3", by Electronic Arts. After selecting the cursor of your choice and opening it, the following window will be brought up, where you can further customise your cursor in detail.


RealWorld Cursor Editor Tool Screen

This interface might look complicated at first, but if you watch the tutorial earlier then it becomes easy to use, especially since it's similar to Window's built-in Paint program. The preview panel shows what will the cursor look after you've edited it, and the "+" is where the cursor will be pointing at. The main panel shows a detailed view of your cursor, where you can edit it bit by bit. As wit many other editing programs, you can press ctrl + z to instantly undo any mistakes. After you're satisfied with your edits, you can save it and make the changes take effect instantly on the next step.


RealWorld Cursor Editor

From the main menu, just go to Cursor > Use current for, and then choose which function the cursor should belong to. After you've finished with this one, return to step #2 to choose another cursor, then repeat the steps to assign a new function to the cursor.

That's all there is to. Simple, isn't it? Enjoy your new cursor experience!