Simplehuman Sensor Soap Dispenser Review

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Uses batteries

Low battery warning light does not give enough warning time before the unit stops.

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You are in the kitchen cooking; you have just cut up the raw chicken to fry for dinner. Ugh, you now have raw chicken on your hands. How do you wash them without contaminating your soap dish and/or your manual soap pump? Easy, use the Simplehuman sensor soap dispenser. Just place your hand under the sensor soap dispenser, and a measured amount of liquid soap comes out for you to wash your hands. I was tired of washing the manual soap pump off and/or washing the soap dish out, and then having to wash my hands again after cleaning them. Life is so much sweeter and simple having the sensor soap dispenser on my kitchen sink.

The next must have place for the " target="_blank">sensor soap dispenser is in the bathroom. Imagine all the bacteria that lives in the bathroom. Think of how much less bacteria will be spread around if you have a sensor soap dispenser at the bathroom sink, and no one has to touch the soap dish or the manual soap pump.

I even found a way to use a sensor soap dispenser in my shower. I purchased a chrome shelf that hangs on the stationary part of the door frame of my shower, and it has a shelf large enough to accommodate the sensor soap dispenser.

Since money is limited for all of us, I bought one sensor soap dispenser at a time. The first one went into the kitchen, and then I concentrated on the bathrooms.

You can set the sensor soap dispenser to release the amount of soap you desire, and there is a two-year warranty on the Simplehuman sensor soap dispenser. They can also be used for hand cream.

You have now heard many of the good reasons for purchasing a Simplehuman sensor soap dispenser. The only con is it uses batteries. But hey, we don't want electricity around water, so that is the only alternative. Since none of us want to throw away money on batteries, buy rechargeable batteries, and you will save on that expense. I keep a set of extra batteries on hand so I can easily and quickly replace the batteries when needed. My real complaint on the battery operation is - when it flashes that the batteries need to be replaced, the unit stops working. I wish there was some way for the sensor soap dispenser to warn when the batteries are almost out – not completely out, and then just stop working.

In Closing

The Simplehuman sensor soap dispenser is a must have for every home. They are a little costly, but are well worth the purchase price of $39.99. The last one I bought, I purchased from Costco, and they came two in a package for $49.99. Since I only needed one more sensor soap dispenser, to put in my guest bathroom, the other one went into my Christmas closet, and I will give it for a gift. Another place to purchase these are at Bed Bath & Beyond, and use one of their 20% off coupons. The Simplehuman sensor soap dispenser can also be purchased online, usually at a discounted price, too.

The Simplehuman sensor soap dispenser would make a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, housewarmings, college dorms, etc. And to help you prepare all those delicious meals for the holidays, give yourself a sensor soap dispenser as an early holiday gift.

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