Push Button Lock 

What is a simplex push button lock?

Primitive combination locks are said to have been in existence since the Roman period up to the 7th century B.C.  However, a man by the name of Joseph Loch is said to have invented the first modern combination lock for the New York Tiffany jewelry store as early as the 1870s.  Just as Joseph Loch continued to make improvements on his original design for Tiffany and Co., so has technology advanced in pushbutton door locks.  Simplex push button locks represent the pinnacle of security and convenience in the door lock market.  With the simple memorization of a combination of numbers, anyone can can access to low level security rooms without the need for hundreds of key duplications.  Simplex push button locks have a simple design with just five buttons neatly organized in a vertical fashion, making them easy to operate.  

Benefits of Simplex keyless locks:

The primary benefit of simplex keyless locks is the fact that you do not need any keys to gain access to a room.  Most commonly used in busy offices or warehouses, simplex push button locks allow many employees to have access to storerooms, supply closets, bathrooms, kitchens, and conference rooms.  They are a convenient low level security measure to deter opportunistic criminals from gaining entry to restricted areas.  

A secondary benefit of push button locks is the fact that they don’t require a power source to function.  Many more complex keyless locks require you run a small power line through the walls and into the door.  This can be costly and inconvenient which keeps many business owners from exploring pushbutton door locks.  Simplex push button locks require no outside power source to function, and install almost exactly like any normal door knob.  

Another unexpected benefit of simplex keyless locks is how fast you are able to change the combination and block entry of unwanted guests.  If you were to use a traditional lock set, firing an employee would require changing the lock, and creating potentially hundreds of new keys for your employees.  Not only does it take days for you to hire and schedule a locksmith, but it is also very costly.  Changing a simplex push button lock combination takes just a few minutes and all users can be updated with the new combination in a single notification.

Disadvantages of push button locks:

Push button locks like those made by Unican Simplex are not free from potential risks.  The fact is all combination locks have some limitations since entry is gained through an intangible knowledge rather than a physical key.  Someone wanting to gain entry without permission only needs to ask the right person for the code, or simply watch someone enter the combination 3 or 4 times to memorize the pattern.  It is therefore reccomended that simplex keyless locks only be used for low level security areas where you are only trying to deter opportunistic thieves or curious guests.  The fact is, if a professional criminal wants access to a space, there isn’t a lock on the market that is 100% secure. 

Where to buy a pushbutton door lock:

Simplex push button door locks are available from most home improvement stores, as well as a variety of online retailers.  Most pushbutton door locks will cost around $300 but the savings in locksmith services will pay for itself in 1 or 2 key changes.  If you are looking for a convenient and hassle free way to keep an area secure, but still allow access to many people, a pushbutton door lock is the best solution.  Just be sure to understand the limitations before setting your expectations too high.