Wood repair is a useful skill for every home owner to discover. Even if your home is brick, chances are you still have wood somewhere on the exterior of your home. Consider your trim, window and door frames, a back porch, fence, shutters, or even a garden bed. Over time the wood on at least one of these items is bound to rot. With the help of basic wood repair you can fix these problems and keep your home looking great. Learning how to repair rotted wood will also save you money as you won't have to hire a professional to take care of the problem for you!

Preparing for the wood repair

Before you can begin your wood repair, the area must first be prepared. In order to do this you need to use a putty knife to remove the rotted wood. It is important that all of the rotted wood is removed before you begin your repair. Failure to do so will cause your repair to fail and you will be forced to start back at square one.

Tip: Every wood repair is a bit different from the next. While a putty knife is useful for digging out rotted wood, other tools may work for your project better. Pick a tool that will carefully remove the wood without damaging the healthy wood around it. The less wood you have to repair – the better off you will be.

Apply wood hardener

Once you have eliminated the rotted wood, you will need to apply wood hardener to the newly exposed areas in the wood in order to strengthen them. Several companies sell wood hardeners, although Minwax High Performance Wood Hardener is among the best.

Use caution when applying wood hardener. Select an inexpensive bristle brush that you can toss in the trash when you are done applying this product. When you apply wood hardener, the pores in the wood actually absorb resin. When this resin dries it leaves the wood hard.

Use wood filler

When you remove rotted wood, you essentially create a hole in your wood that needs to be filled. It is important to select a high performance wood filler that is going to be durable. Once again Minwax offers a great 2 part product called High Performance Wood Filler. You will actually mix the wood filler with an additional hardening agent to create a powerful putty to fill in your hole. Use your putty knife to rebuild the wood. Multiple coats may be necessary.

Tip: It can be tempting to use wood filler to hide the hole from the rotted wood without using the wood hardener. If you do this, it is very possible your repair will not take.