Autumn leaves may look beautiful, but they are certain to cause a headache once they begin to fall into your yard. If you have a large wooded yard you may find that a good portion of your weekends is dedicated to leaf collection. There are ways to make this annoying task easier, so consider taking advantage of one of these methods to save some time and effort!


One of the easiest ways to begin your leaf collection this autumn requires the purchase of a good, solid rake. Your local hardware store is going to offer multiple rakes that vary in design and price. You probably don't want to pick the cheapest rake simply because it likely has a smaller head that may come attached from the handle after a bit of use.

Consider looking for a rake that has a head that spans approximately 30 inches in width or greater. This will allow you to rake up a pile of autumn leaves far faster than you could with a much smaller rake. It is also worthwhile to look for a rake that has a handle that screws into the head instead of simply being glued into place. Be careful purchasing a rake that has plastic tines as they may break during your leaf pick up. In order to avoid back strains it is also a good idea to pick a model with an ergonomic handle!

Leaf Scoops

Leaf scoops are absolutely fantastic for leaf pick up. Think of leaf scoops as rakes for your hands. Compared to your bare hands, a leaf scoop will greatly increase the quantity of leaves you can pick up in a single grip. If you are equipped with a pair of leaf scoops you wont' have to bend over as far to pick up leaves because they extend your overall reach.

Leaf Blower

If your yard happens to be lined by a forest it may be far easier for you to get rid of your autumn leaves. Simply invest in a leaf blower that will allow you to push your leaves into the forest where they will naturally compost over time and provide nourishment to the plants and trees living there.

Even if you don't have a forest nearby a leaf blower can eliminate a great deal of your raking. Simply blow your autumn leaves into a pile where they can be placed into a bag for removal!

You will find a selection of leaf blowers that are both electric and gas powered. Models that are gas powered are likely to be more powerful, but keep in mind they may also be more expensive!

Leaf Vacuum

Yep, you can actually use a leaf vacuum to suck up all of the fallen leaves in your yard. There are several different types of leaf vacuums available including some that are handheld. These models are great for smaller yards. Although you can purchase a riding leaf vacuum, this is really only practical for yards that are large in size and accumulate a lot of autumn leaves. A riding leaf vacuum can cost upwards of $2,000.