Hawaii can be a tough place to break into, especially if you are trying to uproot your life from somewhere else and transplant it to the big island. Shipping costs for anything across the ocean can be exorbitant, but are especially high when you're dealing with entire containers of furniture, appliances, clothes and personal effects. Many people who attempt to sort out the mere logistics of such a move stop short; it becomes too much of a hassle to move to Hawaii from somewhere else. They simply don't have the time or energy to deal with transporting their things, receiving them in Hawaii and finding a suitable and safe place for them before their new accommodations are ready to move into.

A few others are lucky enough to find self-storage solutions on the big island which greatly improve the overall experience of moving and relocating. The big island has several different self storage facilities throughout its few small towns. Self Storage facilities are places that allow tenants to rent clean, secure storage spaces on a month to month basis in order to allow tenants to store their belongings securely and come and go as they please.

The other benefits of these businesses is that they usually have a resident manager living on the premises to oversee the facility after hours and ensure no one is trying to break in. Storage Kings in Kailua-Kona offers high tech video surveillance equipment that keeps watch over the premises day and night and records the comings and goings of tenants. Another standard feature of Storage Kings facilities in Hawaii are electronic coded entry gates which only allow registered tenants in and out of the facility, while also keeping an automatic log of everyone's activity.

The nice thing about these companies is that they typically offer enticing move-in specials to get first time customers to sign up with them. Storage Kings offers the free use of a moving truck for new customers as well as special discounts for Costco members, free month move-in specials, and referral bonuses to tenants who bring in their friends as new storage customers.

In addition, any good storage company also sells merchandise related to packaging, shipping and moving items, as well as specialized cut-resistant locks for use on self-storage units. Storage Kings in Kailua-Kona, Kaloko and Kealakekua are known to offer new customers incredible bonus packages which sometimes include free boxes when a tenant rents a larger unit for an extended period of time.