What is the shortest distance between two points? If you were to draw two points on a piece of paper, you'd probably come up with the same answer that your fifth grade teacher told you -- a straight line. But you're all grown up now, and we can explore new ideas.

Draw those two points on that sheet of paper again, and see if you can find a shorter distance between those two points than a straight line.

Give up?

Fold the paper so that the two points are touching. Isn't that closer than a straight line?

This is basically what Stephen Hawking did throughout his masterpiece A Brief History of Time, so you just created the layman's version of a wormhole. This is basically what Albert Einstein was saying with relativity, so you just showed that time travel is possible. And by showing that there is always another "dimension" to a problem, you might have just proven the existence of God.

Atheists revolt! Now calm down and ask why?

To simplify the universe means to realize that all things really are one. Complex scientific notions, when they are finalized, always refer back to the mundane truths that we see every day and take for granted. Complex philosophies can always be used in every day life. Diametrically opposed things are not so opposed when you look at them from another perspective.

I could spend a lifetime simplifying the universe for you, but I'll give you an example.

Science vs. the existence of God. Does God exist? Is science all there is? Let's look at the 5 loaves, 2 fish story from the New Testament.

Jesus supposedly fed thousands of people who came to hear Him preach with the 5 loaves and 2 fish of one boy, and took up 12 baskets of what had not been eaten.

But the text says that he took the food from the boy in the morning, and the people were fed at night. I must conclude that Jesus' miraculous multiplying of the food might have been done by simply giving that food to his disciples, who were mostly fisherman, and telling them to go catch food for the hungry people. The disciples did so, and by nightfall had caught enough food to feed the mass.

If Donald Trump did the same thing, we'd call it an "astute investment." Is this "science" any less of a miracle?

How many people do you know who would have the wherewithall to hire such proficient workers, and the faith to believe they could accomplish such a herculean task?

Would they not have become inspired by this, and filled with spirit (or a rush of seratonin, whichever), and become more confident in their abilities, and then gone out, and inspired others? I did not know Jesus or the disciples, yet I am inspired by their deeds 2000 years later. Check that -- my body is reacting because I am seeing (whatever that is) random ink blotches imprinted on a dead tree. How is this not God?

I make a habit of practicing simplifying the universe by solving paradoxes like these. Once you get the ball rolling on a few of them, you'll begin seeing things in a whole new light, because they all point back to the same Truth.

You'll be folding the paper all the time.