Why I like Simply Accounting PRO 2010 - As a business owner and a bookkeeper, I like to keep things simple. The simpler the better, and so I have always used and sworn by this Software. In fact I installed Simply Accounting 7.0 back in 1999.

 As I changed computers and upgraded other software, I just kept transferring my program 7.0 to the new computer (basically I would get the hard drive transferred to a new hard drive and all the same information just came along with it). Our business is very simple and straight forward. There are no inventories to keep track of, we don't hire employees, we only hire contractors, therefore, I didn't feel the need to spend the few hundred dollars to upgrade my Sage 7.0.

BACKUP - At year end, I would basically do a Backup Disk and hand it to our accountant. But finally this year, at my year end meeting, she told me that Simply Accounting had updated their master program (They can take a backup disk from any other Simply program and put it on their computer to work on the year ends and books). That it would no longer support something that old. Simple Accounting 7.0 was from 1999.

But my accountants fears, were that this was such an old program that it was not going to transfer the information to the new one. Most businesses tend to upgrade every 3 or 4 years or sooner. It would be a HUGE pain to have to start a program all over, she really wanted the information transferred.


UPDATE  - It has been many years of using SAGE and I am extremely happy.  So happy I have since upgraded to the 2017 which is even easier to use and the support is fantastic.

Support - So, the advice here, is that if you have an older Simply Accounting program that you want to upgrade, that you should figure out which one you have right now (It will show the version when you first open it) and call their 1-800 number and ASK them which program upgrade you should purchase. There are quite a few on the shelves in the office supply store.

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You see there are many versions of this program. Some are designed for larger installations, and others for simple business. When doing an Upgrade, you need to get the right one that your old one will smoothly slide into. She then ran out and got the one they recommended and the transfer went smoothly. The store even gave back her money for the other one. As Simply does guarantee a money back within 30 days.

After that experience at my Sister's business, I was terrified to do a Simply Accounting Upgrade. I do this for a business, so I had other businesses on that program. I phoned Simply Accounting Support, who couldn't believe I was still using a 7.0 version (it actually says for Windows 95 on the program disk!) they had a discussion, and recommended that I purchase Simply Accounting PRO 2010.

I found it on sale, since we were just getting into 2011 now. So, I took it home, and I made all kinds of
 backup disks from my 7.0 program. Even printed off balance sheets, and income statements, since I figured what was the point of these backup disks, if they were from a old program?

Upgrade - Anyways, the idea of getting the Simply Accounting PRO 2010, was that I should not have to use my backup disk. The program was "Hopefully" going to recognize this older version of 7.0 version on my computer.


With fingers crossed I installed it. It never even mentioned the other program. I was told it may "want to replace the old one" but it didn't it just happily installed on the computer. I registered it, and then it asked me if I wanted to use it? With shaking fingers, I said YES. It then asked me if I wanted to open a company or install a backup disk. I was about to say a "backup disk" but thought, what the heck, lets see what might be there.

I clicked "open an existing company" and I almost fell off my chair. My 3 companies showed up. I clicked on our main business, and now it said. Although we have all the files, we need to compress and alter them to fit.. So, I said "yes", and it took about an hour to do that, but when it was done. Not one cent was missing.

I phoned the Support to thank them, and now I am upgraded to 2010. I hope I don't have to do this again for a long time!

  UPDATE!!!  I have now upgraded to 2017 smoothly!

I blame my first accountant. He was from the era of "if it ain't broke don't try and fix it" meaning it was doing what it needed to do, so why change it? But as we know programs change computers upgrade, and eventually that old software can't upgrade if you leave it too long. I still use Windows XP, and was told by my computer guy that when I upgrade to Windows 7, it would not like that old 1999 version!

Simply Accounting Support - I was impressed, and do like my new software. Anyone who does bookkeeping knows how much work is involved, and the fear of losing all of it was making me put it off. I used to do bookkeeping manually in "books". (I know this must age me!) There is still something to be said about that, there are no upgrades to worry about, and you can use an eraser when you make a mistake! But I will admit the computerized Simply Account PRO 2010 spits out reports very fast.


So, if you are working with a very old version of Simply Accounting, and you have people telling you (like they were with me) that it is too old to transfer all your data, don't listen. I didn't have to use a backup disk, it transferred the data itself. Of course if you are using a new computer with a new program, then you will need to open with the backup disk.

I am not a computer expert by no means. But simply accounting support walked me through this. I can't say enough about them. I highly recommend the Simply Accounting Pro 2010 and the Simply Accounting support for your business, small or large.

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