Out of all of the other over the counter sleep aids that I have ever used, I would have to say that this one my all time favorite. There are a lot of nighttime sleeping aids to choose from these days, so the selection process can be quite difficult. Therefore, it takes a decent amount of knowledge and research in order to know which one is right for each person. However, I did not actually take me too long to discover the sleeping aid that worked for me.

I spend a lot of my day online, which means that I stare at a computer screen for extended periods of time. I do not know about you guys, but it can get a bit restless. I mean, have you ever really stared at a computer screen for over five hours? Well, I have and after a while it starts to get a bit old, but everything that you have to work or gets old. Regardless, I have some trouble with sleeping. Well, not actually staying asleep, but getting to sleep. There are many other human beings that have this specific problem as well. I guess that's why the market for sleep aids is so big. Anyway, I seriously could not get to sleep. Well, not until about three hours before I had to get up. This was a big problem for me to say the least. Folks, I like getting my eight hours. When my regular amount of sleep is disrupted, it tends to ruin the rest of my day. If you have ever experienced the kind of day that I am referring to, then you should know that it can make things quite unproductive. When I am tired, I tend to get less work done and therefore am much more unproductive. So the first thing that I started looking for was a sleeping aid. I should have gone to the doctor first, but I didn't think that my insomnia was that bad to tell you the truth. I just blamed it on being too active during the day and not being able to quit thinking so much. So, I just went with some of the otc sleeping aids. I found simply sleep because a friend had recommended it saying that it really did the trick. So, I went to the local pharmacy and picked up a pack of simply sleep nighttime sleep aid and tried it. I found that it did help me get to sleep. I was expecting it to do a little more, but it really did help a little to get me to sleep. However, it is always a good idea to visit and consult a doctor, for they are the ones that can give professional advice.