Paint Cannister (24552)

If you've ever painted a t-shirt or other fabric with a brush and fabric paint you already know what the result is like. While fabric paint adheres and washes fairly well, most paints tend to crack after a few washings. They are also somewhat thick and the t-shirt loses it softness where paint has been applied.

The biggest advantage of Simply Spray is the texture of the painted fabric. Spray it on, let it dry, then close your eyes and run your hand over it. You won't be able to tell the painted from the unpainted areas. I initially thought this was due to the spraying application as opposed to applying the paint with a brush. So I sprayed some paint in a container and used a brush to apply three coats of it. When it dried, the result was the same, nothing but soft texture, no crustiness like other paints. And there are no other steps necessary, like the heat setting with an iron required by some products.

I chose the Simply Spray product as an introduction into the craft of airbrushing clothing. I've seen the airbrush tools that are available and they are very appealing. But I wanted to wade into this craft slowly and with minimum cash output until I was convinced it offered me the creative freedom I have been looking for.

With my hand on a canister trigger, it didn't take long for me to feel like a talented inner-city graffiti artist. Spray painting offers more artistic possibilities than I could have hoped for. And yet, it has none of the characteristics of the spray paints I've used from the hardware store. The spray from this container is well controlled. It doesn't flood the air it simply covers the area where it's directed. And best of all, there's no chemical smell to contend with.

I had fun experimenting with different effects like tie-dying and then used everything from lace fabric to a plant from my backyard as a stencil. The results were excellent with one exception, which was an error on my part for not following product directions. No matter what effect you're trying to achieve, the manufacturer recommends that you start spraying off, and then move onto the fabric otherwise you risk an occasional unwanted drip falling onto your work area. The same holds true for ending the spray.

You can make a mist of color or a rich solid color by adjusting your movement of the canister. Overlapping colors can result in some interesting effects, especially when combined with stencils. Unless you are laying down a lot of cover, like painting an enitre shirt with solid color, the 2.5 oz. container can be used on two or more projects.

Always thoroughly cover any area where you don't want paint. I cut a plastic table cloth into shapes and used them to block areas but discovered you should also put paper towels on the plastic otherwise the paint will puddle on the plastic and possibly spread into unwanted areas.

Besides the easy soap and water cleanup and comfortable trigger, another desirable feature of this product is that it dries in about an hour. But you don't have to wait for one color to dry before applying another. Overlapping colors don't bleed into each other.

I created some fun, artistic shirts with this product but more than that, I learned that airbrushing is something I want to explore further. As an artist, my urge is to create more detailed projects, the kind requiring an airbrush tool. Although Simply Spray doesn't offer various nozzles like an airbrush tool, it certainly comes very close in results. Visit their website for great application ideas.

Easy to use
Soap and water clean up
Dries in about an hour
No chemical odors


Limited color selection
Paint will bleed on edges when applied with a brush
One size spray

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